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July 6, 2016

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week, January 26th – 30th

The height of tax season is quickly approaching and with it comes the growing threat of tax identity theft. ProShred Miami is proud to help combat the threats of tax identity theft and offer several solutions to keep your identity secure.

What is Tax Identity Theft?

Tax identity theft happens when someone uses your social security number to file a fake tax return, land a job, or even claim you or your child as their dependent. Like other forms of identity theft, tax identity theft is a serious problem. According to the Federal Trade Commission, tax identity theft has been the most common form of identity theft for the past five years.

I Don’t Want to Become a Victim, Please Help!

To help fight against the threat of tax identity theft ProShred Miami is encouraging everyone to shred any and all paper work containing their personal information.

Did you know? The IRS will not email, call, or text you in a first attempt to reach you. This means everyone will receive mail from the IRS containing personal information that needs to be destroyed in a secure and effective manner so identity thieves can’t get their hands on your information.

How Can ProShred Miami Help Me?

For large scale shredding needs, ProShred Miami offers on-site one-time or regularly schedule document shredding service. Our secure and convenient on-site trucks eliminate the hassle of hauling boxes of paper work to our shredding office location.

For smaller residential needs, ProShred Miami gladly offers secure shredding services at our office.

How Would I know if I am a Victim?

Some common signs that you may have been affected by tax identity theft are:

HI May be a Victim, What Should I Do?

If you believe you may be a victim of tax identity theft, contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at (800) 908-4490 immediately.

Tax identity theft is a serious problem and ProShred Miami is proud to offer on-site and in office secure shredding service to help keep your information out of the wrong hands.

This tax season be vigilant with your information. Shred any paperwork that contains personal information, use secure private internet connections when working on your taxes, and use caution when trusting emails that claim to be from the IRS. Together we can combat tax identity theft, after all, tax season is already stressful enough.

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