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January 29, 2018

Types of Identity Theft: It Can Happen in many Different Ways

Let’s face it:

No one ever thinks something will happen to them until it does. For a lot of us the prospects of being a victim of identity theft seems a far off possibility. The idea of someone coming into our homes and rummaging through desks or diving into the trash bin for any private information is unsettling to say the least. Having it happen is the next best thing to horrifying, and unfortunately it happens far too often.

Some Common Identity Theft Types

There’s a wide range to the types of identity theft being committed. Here is a list of a few of the most common ones.

Financial Theft

 This type of theft involves a person’s credit card and back account information stolen for the use for purchasing goods and services. As you can imagine the perpetrator tends to uses the maximum amount of funds possible while they have access to said information. Victims will be in for a shock when they find huge bills, and withdraws of money appearing when they never made any. Beyond monetary loss, victims can offer suffer from credit score loss, serious debts, and other serious problems.

Child Identity Theft

 Sadly children are also targets of criminal activity. A child’s social security number, along with other personal details may be taken to try and taken advantage of certain government services or other benefits. Unfortunately this is a growing concern and in most cases the crime is carried out by a family member or friend. Preventative measures will help protect kids as well as teach them about being protected from fraud.

Medical Theft

 Similar to financial theft, medical theft occurs when some ones medical information is taken in order for a criminal to access medical goods and services. However unlike financial theft, this form of theft can be far more dangerous, even life threatening. Having incorrect information in your medical history will cause issues with health care professionals as they make health related decisions for you. Records of certain procedures or drug use may lead to recommendations that will negatively impact you. This is one of the most common forms of identity theft.

Criminal Theft

 This is when someone commits a crime in your name. It is one of the most common types of identity theft in America and is one of the most difficult to resolve. This can come back to haunt you in big ways, from a criminal record you didn’t know you had preventing you from getting a job, to being arrested due to an outstanding arrest warrant. Given that the police hear the words “I’m innocent!”, or “I didn’t do it officer!” all the time, it isn’t hard to see why you’ll be met with skepticism, making this is so hard to deal with.

Preventative Measures

The best thing you can do to help lower the risks of having this happen to you, is to simply ensure vital information isn’t left for people to take. Leaving records sitting around to gather dust or improper disposals are all things one can easily avoid doing to reduce risks.

Utilizing a service like PROSHRED helps to ensure businesses and individuals are protected and remain in compliance with privacy laws. Don’t continue to think it’ll never happen to you, it very well could, remain protected and secure.

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