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May 18, 2021

An On-Going Shredding Service Can Save Your Business. Here’s How.

In today’s world, your business’s reputation is fragile. One misstep or one negative Google review can cause people to doubt your integrity and that of your services or products. It’s important to understand the ways in which your reputation can be damaged, and one of the biggest ways is through data breach or information theft.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent information from becoming compromised: regularly scheduled paper shredding, also known as on-going shredding.

What are on-going shredding services?

With an on-going shredding service from PROSHRED® Tampa Bay, you’ll know that your documents are in capable hands from start to finish. Our services include a customized program that will fit your business’s exact needs, without compromising security or efficiency.

“On-going” simply means that we will provide you with paper shredding services on a regular basis. Whether that’s daily, weekly, or monthly, all you and your employees have to do is dispose of confidential papers in secure shred bins or executive consoles, which we provide for your office or warehouse. The number of bins we supply will depend on the number of employees you have and the amount of sensitive documents that are routinely in need of shredding. These bins are locked so that only an authorized PROSHRED® customer service professional can open them to shred the documents.

Secure Shred Console
On-going Shredding Service

Our Mobile Shredding Trucks Come to You

Once you have started your on-going service with us, we will send one of our mobile shredding trucks to pick up your documents. These trucks contain state-of-the-art industrial shredding machines that create much more secure shred sizes than a typical office shredder can. When a customer service professional comes to your location, they will open up the executive consoles and remove the replaceable bins. Depending on the volume of papers, they may also dump these bins into a larger bin for easier transport to the truck. They will then take the bins to the truck where, one by one, a mechanical arm will lift the bins up and dump them into the truck, similar to how a garbage truck lifts trash cans. Then, the shredding begins!

You can watch this process happen with a secure camera mounted on the side of the mobile shredding truck, or you can go about your business knowing that your documents are being securely destroyed with no downtime for you or your employees. Once the shredding job is complete, you’ll be handed a Certificate of Destruction, which certifies that your documents were securely destroyed as well as the date of the service and which driver conducted the shredding. Then, all of the shredded paper we collect is sent to a secure recycling facility to be made into new paper products.

How can on-going shredding save your business?

We’ve already mentioned that on-going shredding can greatly reduce security risks for your business by securely destroying papers that contain sensitive or confidential information. But let us dive a little deeper.

When you use a traditional office shredder, you’re only getting a fraction of the security you could be getting from a professional paper shredding service. It has to do with multiple factors:

1) Professional shredding is hands-free
While we don’t doubt that you do your due diligence when hiring employees, it goes without saying that some information needs to remain as confidential as possible. That means that the documents generated in the offices of department heads, Human Resources, legal, or logistics shouldn’t be shredded by just any employee, regardless of their status. Having employees take care of shredding tasks is not only opening that information up for theft, but it also takes away from other valuable work they could be doing. With an on-going shredding service, documents don’t get touched by human hands after they are placed inside the shred bins: Our drivers remove bins and place them directly on the shredding truck with no contact with the documents.

2) The shred size is much more secure with an industrial shredding machine
Typical office shredders use a strip-cut method, which results in an 8.5”X11” sheet of paper being cut into about 40 strips of paper. PROSHRED® mobile shred trucks use cross-cut shredders, which can cut the same size sheet of paper into over 195 pieces. That’s a huge difference, and documents that have been shred by a professional shredding machine are next to impossible to reassemble, especially when mixed in with shredded paper from other businesses and organizations.

3) You’re saving time, money, and resources with a professional service
Office shredders are notoriously slow, and if your office generates a lot of paperwork, it doesn’t make good business sense to continue using one. Especially when you factor in the expense of purchasing a new machine when yours eventually gives out, or the time and money spent on maintaining and repairing these machines. Professional shredders can destroy thousands of documents in a matter of minutes, something it could take your employees days to do with an office shredder. We’ve heard from many of our customers that they can’t believe how low the cost is to obtain the convenience of a regularly scheduled paper shredding service. We don’t charge any fuel surcharges or hidden fees, and we’ll never bind you into a contract. At PROSHRED® Tampa Bay, your information security is our top priority.

Industries That Benefit From Scheduled Shredding Services

There is hardly an industry we can think of that wouldn’t benefit from business shredding services. All businesses deal with sensitive documents, whether it be personal, financial, medical, or legal.

Financial Shredding

At PROSHRED® Tampa Bay, we service all kinds of financial institutions, from banks to insurance companies to retailers, stock brokers, financial advisors, and small businesses. As one of the most experienced shredding companies in the U.S., we understand the sensitive nature of financial records and the importance of keeping that information confidential for your business, your employees, and your clients.

Legal Shredding

Legal record shredding doesn’t just make common sense, it’s also crucial for keeping in compliance with federal privacy laws, like the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, or FACTA. In addition, purging client information when it’s no longer needed will help keep your office organized and your clients protected when their cases are wrapped up.

Medical Shredding

Medical records are one of the most fiercely protected documents that exist. Federal and state laws dictate what information can be shared as well as when it needs to be destroyed, and how.
On-going shredding can keep Protected Health Information just that: protected. And if your office is transitioning to digital files and you need to get rid of mountains of old papers quickly, a one-time cleanout service from PROSHRED® Tampa Bay can take care of that, and fast.

Home Office Shredding

Security issues can extend outside the office door, especially if you’re running a home-based business or have employees working remotely. Our mobile shredding trucks can make stops at homes for on-site document shredding, and we also offer drop-off services at our local office for your convenience.

Get a Scheduled Shredding Service with PROSHRED® Tampa Bay

On-site paper shredding with PROSHRED® Tampa Bay can help save your business from data theft and fraud. With secure shred bins, certified customer service professionals, and no hidden fees or surcharges, we’re the best in the business. No matter the amount of documents you need shredded or how often you need us, we can handle all of your paper shredding and data destruction needs. For more information or for a free estimate, give us a call today: 813-864-6433

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