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August 21, 2021

7 Ways Mobile Shredding Can Help Businesses

Eight hours in the workday never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Hiring a mobile shredding service can help a business by shredding sensitive documents on-site, leading to improved security, more workplace efficiency, and more convenient waste management. This can help an office save time and improve on other areas of the business that you’d rather spend your valuable time working on. Keep reading our guide to learn about the seven ways that mobile paper shredding can help your business:


1. Mobile Shredding Increases Business Security

By hiring a mobile shredding service, the security of a business is increased. These service companies, like PROSHRED® Raleigh, will go to the place of business and shred old, outdated, and confidential documents on-site. By doing so, businesses can ensure that their sensitive documents are destroyed beyond the point of reconstruction. Once documents are safely destroyed, businesses can rest assured that their information is still secure.


2. Mobile Shredding Helps Keep Businesses Compliant

Along with increasing security, a mobile shredding service helps businesses cover any legal obligations they may have when it comes to destroying sensitive documents. There are certain pieces of legislation, such as HIPAA, that dictate how and when documents need to be destroyed, and a mobile shredding service can ensure that documents are shredded to these standards and keep your business in compliance.


3. Mobile Shredding Enhances Waste Management for Businesses

The shredding of unneeded documents can help keep an office clean, organized, and orderly. In order to properly destroy these documents, which could contain sensitive information that could harm your business if leaked or stolen, these businesses should hire a mobile shredding company to assist them in managing their paper waste. This way, documents will be destroyed properly while also being taken off the business’ hands, clearing office space for more efficient workflow.


4. Mobile Shredding Recycles Outdated Business Documents

When businesses employ the services of a mobile shredder, they are also promoting recycling, because most mobile shredding services, like PROSHRED® Raleigh, recycle the remains of documents that have been shredded. At our Raleigh facility, shredded paper is packed into large bales and taken to a secure paper recycling facility, where it is processed and turned into new paper products. By incorporating shredding services for businesses like PROSHRED®, organizations can feel better about their impact on the environment.


5. Mobile Shredding Increases Workplace Efficiency

If there is an employee, or employees, in the office whose job is to shred documents, this task can be taken off their schedules if the business were to hire a mobile shredding service. This way, the documents are always shredded properly and in a timely manner. Additionally, that employee now has more time in their day to complete other important tasks for the office.


6. Mobile Shredding Encourages Purge Cleaning

It can be easy to let an unorganized office continue to be that way, but it usually gets to a point where it becomes disruptive to the workflow, and employees have to purge clean. One of the biggest space-wasters can be files. If these documents are no longer needed, and it is legally okay to get rid of them, businesses can hire a mobile shredding service to help them with their purge cleaning by destroying all of their unwanted documents in one visit.


7. Mobile Shredding is Convenient

When documents have to be shredded in-house, it can be a huge time commitment, and trash can quickly accumulate. If the business were to hire an on-going shredding service, the shredding professionals can get rid of these documents for the business on-site, thus maximizing the convenience of shredding documents.


PROSHRED® Raleigh Offers Secure Mobile Shredding Services in NC

There are even more ways as to how a mobile shredding service can help a business. If you are interested in learning how PROSHRED® Raleigh can help your place of business, please visit our website today or give us a call at (919) 741-5023.

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