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Fast, Affordable Document Security Solutions

plant based shredding equipmentYour business operations are supported by thousands of print documents with confidential information like payment data, contact records, and internal communications. What happens when you no longer need this paperwork?

Business documents should never be thrown in the trash. Cases of identity theft and fraud are increasing every year, so improperly discarding this information could lead to major financial issues. As part of your risk management strategy, your business should always use high-powered, industry-approved shredding services. At PROSHRED® Raleigh, our team uses the fastest and most affordable way to ensure your documents are treated with the highest standard in information security. Our plant-based shredding option gives you the ability to get immediate results with the newest equipment in the industry.

What is Plant-Based Shredding?

computer shredding | Hard Drive Shredding | Electronics ShreddingInstalled in 2017, our Raleigh location now uses some of the most advanced shredding equipment to process documents faster and safer than ever before. The machine, nicknamed “The Beast,” is composed of more than 9 tons of steel components and can process more than 20,000 sheets of paper per minute. The equipment is also outfitted with advanced security features to monitor 100% of your materials from drop-off to destruction. This off-site shredding system gives you access to the most advanced document destruction protocol in North Carolina, all within our own plant. This service is perfect for discarding all types of material, not just paper, so you can include items like:

  • Computers,
  • Hard drives,
  • Cardboard,
  • Electronics,
  • Clothing,
  • And other bulk materials.

The Cost-Effective Shredding Option

boxes for plant based shreddingBecause plant-based shredding is so efficient, your team can boost productivity and save money at the same time. Our in-house shredding equipment gives you the opportunity to maximize document security without increasing cost or wasting time. Our affordable rates are based on usage and never include hidden fees, so you can expect simple, hassle-free pricing.

For Convenience & Time Management

document shredding plant basedPlant-based shredding gives your business the flexibility to find a pick-up or drop-off solution that works best for you. Often times, business owners recognize that on-site shredding appointments can pull employees away from other obligations or distract from the customer experience. Our plant-based shredding services give you the ability to find a new strategy. Contact us today to schedule a drop-off or pick-up that fits your business schedule.

Industry-Leading Security

document shreddingThe entire shredding process is backed by the highest certification in the industry: the AAA rating from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Our equipment is monitored by secure 24/7 live feeds to ensure that every scrap of paper meets destruction protocol. Each bag or box of confidential information is also handled by licensed, background-checked professionals that understand the importance of document security. The entire shredding facility is enclosed by a locked gate, so that all visitors must sign-in at the front office and be escorted by security personnel.


PROSHRED® Raleigh has pioneered the way that local business promote long-term information security. Investing in plant-based shredding doesn’t just save you money – it helps protect private data from your employees and customers. Some federal and state laws may even require certain types of disposal based on the industry, like healthcare or banking. For more information about getting started, contact us today at 1-919-741-5023 to learn more about our great services.

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What People Are Saying About PROSHRED®

AMAZING service! Clean, Professional & courteous ALWAYS. We love the flexibility ProShred offers with pick up schedules. As small business owners, we appreciate the very competitive pricing associated with the shred service. We have shopped & shopped for a shredding service provider… now that we’ve found ProShred, we wouldn’t leave this company. They truley are top notch!!!.

- Lora C.

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