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One-Time Cleanout

Secure Shredding Services

What is a One-Time Cleanout?

A one-time cleanout shredding service, also known as purge shredding, is a service designed for those who need a single shredding service instead of regularly scheduled shredding. Businesses and residents can shred any amount of their important documents.

Raleigh One-Time Paper Shredding

Over time, papers and documents start to pile up in the workplace. Sometimes these papers get transferred to warehouses or other storage rooms. However, keeping unwanted or outdated documents that contain confidential information can lead to a stolen identity or data breach.

PROSHRED® Raleigh provides a one-time shredding service for businesses and local residents who are seeking a fast and efficient shredding project. This single cleanout of unwanted documents, whether small or large, is completed professionally by our mobile shred trucks that conveniently travel to your location and complete the shredding at your site!

Affordable Paper Shredding in Raleigh

We understand the economy can be tough sometimes, and as a business you have tough budgets to meet. As one of Raleigh’s top shredding companies, we guarantee our paper shredding services are affordable. Our team keeps trucks on stand-by so you’re not left waiting when you need a shredding service complete.

While most shredding companies charge ridiculous additional fees, with PROSHRED® Raleigh you will NEVER pay for:

  • Fuel/Mileage
  • Management/Service
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Per Minute Fees

It is our goal to keep our pricing policy simple and transparent, and you will never find any hidden fees within our company.

Paper Shredding

Advanced Mobile Shredding Trucks

PROSHRED® Raleigh takes pride in its on-site shred trucks. Our mobile shredding trucks can shred approximately 2 tons of paper per hour!  This means PROSHRED® Raleigh can destroy your documents onsite both securely and quickly.

What is Mobile Paper Shredding?

Mobile paper shredding is a document shredding service where a truck travels to your location and shreds documents on site.


What Happens After Your Papers are Shredded?

After all your confidential documents are fully shredded, our Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) will provide you with a certificate of destruction as proof that the document destruction assignment was completed. PROSHRED® Raleigh will then take your shredded documents to a local recycling facility where 100% of the shredded paper is recycled.

PROSHRED® Raleigh Offers Convenient One-Time Shredding Service

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