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March 9, 2018

Is It Better To Choose a Local Or National Shredding Company?

There are many reasons to place your business with a local or national company, but which is really the better choice?

Many people make a conscious effort to support local businesses.

Some see flashy commercials and branding that draws them to the big guys.

Nationally owned companies are convenient and most have all the resources and tools available at your fingertips.

That doesn’t mean local companies can’t provide what you need.

Don’t let the local company fool you into thinking they are powerless and small.

Local Doesn’t Mean Small

When some people think of local, they automatically assume small.

Many local businesses have national connections, but choose to focus on the community around them.

Not all businesses that have the classification of small are actually limited in quantity or capabilities.

Businesses have a cap on revenue and number of employees to keep the label of small for funding and contracting purposes.

It varies by industry, but most small businesses can have up to 500 employees and $7.5 million in receipts.

If that small business is in your local area, their impact is huge and proves how cities build their success on the backs of local companies.

Those companies sow seeds back into the communities and create growth opportunities through employment, reinvesting, and charitable donations.

Employment: When people would otherwise not meet strict employment qualifications, local businesses give them opportunities.

Re-investing: Local supports local. Many use local banks, vendors, and suppliers which allows funds to naturally circulate within the same city.

For instance, many locally owned restaurants use seasonal vegetables from local produce markets.

Local companies pay local taxes with amounts based on the revenue they generate, which is based on how many sales they get when you shop local.

The government distributes the taxes they pay to other services within the cities and towns.

Schools, hospitals, law enforcement, fire departments and other community services benefit from local business taxes.

Charitable Donations: Local businesses contribute through sponsorships, community events, and non-profit contributions.

Facts about the Impact of Local Businesses

Local verses National Companies

LOCAL businesses keep about 68% of their revenue (your dollars spent) within the same economy versus NATIONAL companies who retain about 43%.

LOCAL companies contribute about 350% more charitable donations than NATIONAL ones.

LOCAL companies seek fresh ideas from talented people who help them carry out their visions.

NATIONAL businesses rely on LOCAL companies to help them get the job done, fulfilling tasks through outsourcing or supplying.

Many LOCAL companies are customer oriented and naturally build relationships with those who frequent their businesses.

More NATIONAL companies are task oriented and rely on strong marketing strategies and heavy advertising to gain clients.

LOCAL companies open their business based on where they live, but NATIONAL companies open and close locations based on what city can yield the most profits.

You can most often get your product or service quicker from a LOCAL business rather than waiting on a shipment from a NATIONAL company.

Plus NATIONAL companies use more resources in fuel, power, and energy to get the job done versus a short walk or drive down the street in your LOCAL area.

Local verses National Paper Shredding Companies

PROSHRED® Raleigh (your local company):

National Shredding Company

Shop Local, Be Local

Local businesses don’t always stay small. Some start with a goal to expand while others become so popular that they go that direction.

When they expand or franchise, it empowers them to do more by servicing and employing more people.

As they grow, so do their tax responsibilities in the jurisdiction where they started which means more money for the location where you shop local.

Your decision to shop local allows these changes to happen, and you should be proud to support the growth of your own community.

Choose the Best of Both World with PROSHRED® Raleigh

When looking for Raleigh Paper Shredding services, think about the locals with national connections.

PROSHRED® Raleigh is a locally owned, nationally operated shred company.

You get the fusion of high quality service and attention from a local company along with the powerful organizational structure and resources of a corporation.

Our shredding and data destruction solutions are state-of-the-art with competitive pricing.

Contact us today to get the best shredding solution for your Raleigh company!

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