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August 16, 2021

5 Reasons to Shred Documents

Many businesses face the problem of what to do with their outdated (or even backed up and somewhat current) confidential data. Should they simply throw it away? Cut it up? Burn it? Store it on or off-site? There are many questions, but there is one simple answer: use a Seattle paper shredding service, like PROSHRED® Seattle.


Here are five good reasons why you should shred documents.

1. Shredding Prevents Identity Theft
Seattle businesses run into trouble every year from the loss of confidential information. These days, we are conditioned to think of identity theft as part of an international hacking conspiracy —your email servers get broken into, your databases compromised, and the like. However, identity thieves also still target paper waste.

“Dumpster diving” is alive and well, and criminals target trash cans and especially recycling bins for that one document that might contain a social security number they can use. This can cost your business immeasurable dollars in lawsuits and damages.

2. Paper Shredding Can Protect Your Reputation
If you find that your information is compromised, it’s bound to get out. Not only do legal fees and settlements cost Seattle businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars, they can be ruinous to your company’s reputation. Using a shredding company to destroy unwanted documents can help to ensure that your image of security and customer service remains intact.

3. Data Destruction Thwarts Corporate Espionage
Do you have any company secrets that you want to protect? Customer contact lists you don’t want others to have? Throwing documents out in the trash is the best way to make sure others can get their hands on your information. Dumpster diving isn’t just used by identity thieves; it’s a favorite tactic for corporate espionage. Use a Seattle paper shredding service to make sure those documents are truly destroyed.

4. Shredding Services Help Save Space
On a practical front, those stored paper documents take up a lot of space. Many Seattle companies can clear out entire rooms just by destroying old documents that they’re not using anymore. You can even get rid of old magazines and catalogs this way. Do you have someone on staff who has been waiting for their own office? Why let paper sit in an area where you could put another employee? Shredding services like one-time purge shredding can help clear out lots of old documents, fast.

5. Paper Shredding Keeps You in Compliance with the Law
Perhaps the most important reason to shred your old documents is to remain in compliance with the law. Legislation surrounding security and privacy grows more detailed and rigorous every year. Enforcement is growing stricter, and penalties for non-compliance are incredibly severe.

Why take the risk of poor audits, heavy fines, and other legal penalties? Just shred and destroy those old documents so that they don’t even exist anymore, and keep your Seattle company happily above board in all areas.

Contact PROSHRED® Seattle for Document Destruction Services

A good Seattle paper shredding service is the key to keeping your business running efficiently, staying legal, and ensuring that you don’t have problems with espionage or identity theft. If you are looking for an ideal service to shred documents for you, PROSHRED® Seattle is here to help. Give us a call for more information about our services today: 206-258-2900


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