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Business Shredding Service

Paper Shredding for Businesses

Businesses across the Puget Sound must adhere to state and federal legislation designed to  protect the privacy of their employees, customers, and  the company’s activities as a whole.  PROSHRED® Seattle is dedicated to keeping your business secure by developing a document disposal plan that prevents unauthorized access to your company’s information. We serve both small and large businesses and offer regularly scheduled and one-time paper shredding services. In addition, we can shred hard drives, mixed media, and obsolete branded products.

Medical Record Shredding

Healthcare facilities and medical offices deal with numerous amounts of confidential patient data every day. Most medical professionals know the importance of properly destroying medical records and other documents that contain sensitive information to protect their patients’ privacy. Individuals trust doctors and healthcare employees with their private information, and it’s vital medical offices maintain this trust and loyalty. One way to ensure your healthcare facility is properly protecting patient data is to partner with a professional medical record shredding company, like PROSHRED® Seattle.

Seattle Medical Record Shredding

Financial Record Shredding

Companies in the financial industry work with highly sensitive data, including important business numbers and personal information. Financial companies themselves also print and store hundreds of papers for themselves on a monthly basis. Documents that contain company information, whether for other companies or your own company, need to be professionally shredded to prevent unauthorized access. PROSHRED® Seattle works with a variety of financial companies in the area to complete quick and convenient financial record shredding.

Legal Record Shredding & Document Destruction

Working in the legal industry, your company understands that your clients are the backbone of your business. In order to keep a consistent flow of customers, you need to build and maintain trust in your firm. This happens when you respect client privacy by destroying confidential documents after you are finished using them. A legal record shredding company, like PROSHRED® Seattle can safely and securely destroy these documents, keeping your client files private and confidential.

Home Office Shredding Services

A current trend in the workplace is working at home or out of the office at a different location. With so many employees traveling and working flex hours, the chance of a confidentiality breach increases. It’s so easy these days for one of your staff members to take private documents with them without thinking about the risk they are putting on the company. Privacy legislation affects more than the typical office setting, and Seattle businesses are choosing to partner with PROSHRED® for home office shredding services in order to safeguard confidential information outside of the office.

Residential Shredding Services

Corporate espionage and identity theft are quickly becoming some of the nation’s fastest-growing crimes. PROSHRED® Seattle is here to protect you against these unfortunate events by offering a residential paper shredding service this is convenient and affordable. When choosing PROSHRED®, you choose a partner in life-long security by eliminating the risks associated with discarding personal and home-office materials.

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