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June 7, 2021

What to do with Shredded Paper in Seattle: Compost It!

The city of Seattle is committed to an eco-friendly future with no waste. Part of that commitment includes reducing, reusing, and recycling. Many individuals and business owners, then, may wonder what to do with shredded paper. Recycling is the first option that comes to mind, and while this is a great idea, it is, unfortunately, not always feasible. When paper is shredded, the fibers that hold it together are also cut and shortened, which can make the paper less viable as a recycled material. So what is one to do with waste accumulated from a Seattle paper shredding service? Try composting!


What is Composting?

Composting is a different kind of recycling. When you compost, you turn food, yard waste, and other biodegradable waste (like paper) into fertilizer and soil that can further nourish the earth. Essentially, compost breaks down into its component elements and, once ready, can be placed right on the ground as new dirt that is full of nutrients plants love. The process is fairly simple, and just about anyone can do it. Here is an overview!


How to Compost Shredded Paper

The first thing you need to create compost is the right container. It doesn’t need to be super fancy—after all, you’re creating decomposing waste. Your compost bin should be in one of two types: stationary bins that can be constructed from sections of wire cages, or a rotating/tumbler setup, which is an easy-to-turn bin. Either kind can also be purchased as a kit from your local Seattle home improvement store. Compost needs heat and moisture, so set your bin in a sunny location.

Compost needs the right mix of ingredients so you don’t have to constantly maintain it. These ingredients should include plant matter—both green and brown—and moisture. You can add just about any organic matter to your compost, but there are mixed opinions on adding animal matter like meat. This tends to attract animals and pests and can create bacteria that can be harmful to your compost. Don’t forget to add your shredded paper from an on-going paper shredding service or purge shredding service, both of which can be provided by PROSHRED® Seattle!

Compost needs to be turned on a regular basis to keep the biological processes working. If you have a stationary bin, you can turn it with a shovel or pitchfork, or by removing and using the finished compost from the bottom of the pile. With a rotating bin, simply turn the container! Finally, make sure that there is moisture present. A dry pile will not decompose properly.

From this point, your shredded paper, food, and other biological waste will slowly turn into compost. The process can take a couple months, but eventually, you’ll see it turn into crumbly black soil. Use this soil to nourish plants and flowers in your garden, or give it away to neighbors and friends who have more of a green thumb than you.

PROSHRED® Provides Secure Shredding Services in Seattle

Now that you know that bits of paper acquired from your Seattle paper shredding service can be put to great use, what are you waiting for? Turn your paper shreds into rich compost for your yard or garden by following the steps in this blog. Don’t have a paper shredding service currently? PROSHRED® Seattle provides mobile shredding services as well as mixed media shredding and product destruction services to residents and businesses in the Seattle area. If you need to prioritize your security and keep information secure, call on us! We’ll destroy your sensitive documents so that no one can steal your data, and, upon request, give you the shredded paper to turn into your very own compost.

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