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May 27, 2021

Why Your Business Should Outsource Shredding Services

As the world has become increasingly connected through digital means, outsourcing has become all but a taboo word across many industries. When many hear the term, they often think of companies that send their business operations and IT services overseas to save on labor costs. The reputation outsourcing has earned is that it can lead to frustrating phone calls with customer service representatives across the globe as well as reduce the number of jobs for American workers.

The truth is, however, that outsourcing, even if just on the local level, is essential to the success of many businesses. It can be a source of essential services that you don’t have the expertise or time to handle properly, and benefit your business in ways you never thought about.

Among the more common kinds of outsourced work is paper shredding, which is a task handled not only by other companies located in the U.S., but most are even located in the same town as your business. There are multiple benefits of outsourcing shredding services to a document destruction and information security company like PROSHRED® Seattle: here are just a few.

Outsourcing Shredding Services Saves You Time and Money 

Consider the important role that document destruction plays in your business. You’ve probably got tons of old, but still very sensitive, information backing up on your servers or in your storage rooms. There’s no reason to keep this info around anymore, but you need to get rid of it in a secure manner in order to protect your clients and your business.

 You could have your employees spend hours or even days feeding papers into a small office shredder or going through and deleting file structures from your computer. But that costs your business big time when you consider the manpower used, the productivity lost, and the security risks you’re creating.  Ask yourself if the employees disposing of your files are authorized to handle the information, or if they could be put to better use by directing their efforts elsewhere? Outsourcing your business shredding needs solves these problems.

Shredding Services Saves You Time and Money
Media Destruction Service

The Benefits of a Professional Shredding Company

Using a professional shredding company to destroy your business’s sensitive documents and old hard drives does more than just save you time and money: it also keeps your business in compliance with state and federal privacy laws that govern when and how sensitive information should be disposed of. Professional shredding companies are licensed, bonded, and bound by codes of professional ethics that compel them to protect your information. In addition, they have industrial equipment that’s highly advanced and can destroy your information far more thoroughly than in-house methods.

Consider your electronic files: destroying a hard drive completely is far more effective than reformatting it or even drilling holes through it. Why take the risk of exposing yourself to liability when you can have absolute certainty that professionals are taking care of your situation? Our mixed media shredding services can destroy everything from hard drives to CDs and lessen your risk of falling victim to theft or fraud.

How Mobile Shredding Works

Along with the benefits of outsourcing shredding services, one of the best is that most professional shredding companies will bring their business right to you. There’s no need to worry about files being lost in transit when it’s all done right on site with a mobile document shredding service. You get to watch the process from start to finish, so that not only will you save time and money, you’ll also eliminate stress and gain peace of mind and confidence in knowing that all of your clients’, staff’s and business’s information is completely protected from people who would use it for illegal or immoral purposes.

With scheduled on-site services, a mobile shred truck will pull up at your location and one of our customer service professionals will collect your information. The papers will be taken to a state-of-the-art shredding truck where they will be thoroughly destroyed while you watch via closed-circuit television. The only people who handle the documents and mixed media will be licensed and bonded information security professionals. When it’s done, you’ll get a certificate of destruction to prove you’re in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Find Peace of Mind with Shredding Services from PROSHRED® 

If you’re ready to save money and gain security, call PROSHRED® Seattle for help in creating an ideal plan of action tailored specifically to your business. We’re a world leader in professional information destruction and shredding services, and we are ready to provide whatever services you require. Get in touch with us for more information or to schedule your next appointment: 1-206-258-2900

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