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Raleigh Home Office Shredding Services

Protecting confidential business information extends beyond the typical office setting. An increasing number of company employees are traveling or working remotely. Unfortunately, when confidential documents are taken out of the office, the chances of a security breach become more likely. In response to these events, privacy laws have been established to protect individual and company information from unauthorized access.

It is vital that your company develops and maintains a systematic procedure for safeguarding information in and out of the office. The easiest and most professional way to achieve this is to partner with a professional paper shredding company.

PROSHRED® Raleigh has years of experience assisting organizations in meeting legislative requirements and has developed one of the best home office shredding systems in the industry.

Designed to work with both your office’s shredding system and employee home office records, our document destruction method ensures your papers are completely destroyed. Before we shred your papers, we arm your staff with the needed knowledge and tools to maintain confidentiality and security within your company.

Home office employees are not the only people who benefit from our home office shredding service. Small business owners and entrepreneurs also need assistance in professional paper shredding, and Raleigh chooses PROSHRED® for its secure document destruction and disposal needs.

Many people choose to use home office shredders because they think they are cheap and convenient, when they are actually the opposite. These items are costly to repair, are unreliable and take up valuable time. Instead of using an industrial cross-shredding method to shred papers, home office shredders use a less secure strip-shredding method. This compromises the security of your records, wastes valuable time and requires the extra step of having shredded materials recycled.

As one of Raleigh’s top paper shredding companies, PROSHRED® offers a secure, eco-friendly solution for home paper shredding and recycling. Our service gives home-based businesses an affordable and convenient way to safely dispose confidential papers. As our customer, you can choose between an on-site pick-up service, a drop off service at our facility, or one of our ongoing community shredding events created for individuals who need help protecting against identity theft.

Request Your Home Paper Shredding Estimate today to find out how PROSHRED® Raleigh can immediately enhance your security.

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What People Are Saying About PROSHRED®

AMAZING service! Clean, Professional & courteous ALWAYS. We love the flexibility ProShred offers with pick up schedules. As small business owners, we appreciate the very competitive pricing associated with the shred service. We have shopped & shopped for a shredding service provider… now that we’ve found ProShred, we wouldn’t leave this company. They truley are top notch!!!.

- Lora C.

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