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April 27, 2022

What To Look For When Hiring a Shredding Service

Around any office or business, paperwork and documents can quickly pile up. After all, not everything can be done online. Sometimes it’s more convenient to have a hard copy, such as when you need signatures or papers need to be filed for records. But what happens to all those documents when it comes time for disposal? Just tossing them in the trash is an option, but it does not protect your sensitive data from being exposed. A much safer choice is, of course, using a professional paper shredding service. However, not all shredding services are created equally. Before choosing yours, you should try to research the business and its operations to find a safe and trustworthy company that’s right for you.

What does a shredding service do?

Professional shredding services allow for documents to be shredded as securely as possible and on a large scale. Secure shredding is vital to the success of businesses because it protects confidential information belonging to the business and its clients. Because office shredders are often expensive to purchase and maintain on top of being messy and disruptive, it’s typically much more cost-effective to hire a mobile shredding service to handle document disposal.

A mobile paper shredding company uses shredding trucks equipped with built-in industrial shredders to transform your files into small, irregular-shaped pieces of paper, ensuring that the
data on the paper is no longer accessible. The truck will come straight to the location of your choosing to collect your documents and will shred them right on site. With a company such as PROSHRED®, you can even watch the full shredding process from a closed-circuit monitor mounted to the side of the truck, making it the most secure shredding service available.

Professional shredding service
Professional shredding services in DFW

Professional vs. DIY Shredding

Many offices will likely have some sort of in-house shredders to take care of their document destruction needs. However, these shredders are limited in a way that the mobile paper shredding trucks are not.

Small office shredders are limited to only shredding a few sheets of paper at a time, causing employees to have to stay by the shredder while slowly feeding small batches of paper through. In a sizable workplace, you would need multiple shredders throughout the office building in order to support the demand for document disposal. They would also have to be emptied and serviced often, further pulling staff members away from vital tasks.

Even if you have a large or industrial shredder, they can be very expensive to keep operational with a sizable purchase cost upfront to boot. Instead, consider hiring a professional shredding company like PROSHRED® Seattle. Our shredding services are not held back by the limitations of in-house office shredders, taking the burden off of the shoulders of your staff.

Multiple Shredding Service Options Available

We normally think of shredding and paper going hand in hand. However, a good shredding provider offers more than just simple paper shredding services to better meet the needs of their clients. Because a variety of industries, such as the medical, legal, and financial sectors all need different materials to be disposed of, be sure to select a mobile shredding company that offers a variety of services to choose from. For instance, when your business needs paper shredding, you may need a regularly scheduled ongoing shredding service or a one-time clean-out, often called purge shredding.

Along with our paper shredding options, PROSHRED® Seattle also offers product destruction and mixed media shredding services. As long as it is safe for the product to be destroyed, our product destruction service can dispose of counterfeit items, uniforms, and discontinued products. It also protects personal information from being found on packaging, badges, and uniforms.

Professional vs. DIY Shredding
ISO 9001 and NAID Certified

Certifications and Guarantees

No shredding service should be trusted without the proper certifications. PROSHRED® Seattle takes this very seriously and is committed to higher standards when it comes to secure shredding. We are the first and only provider in the country that is both NAID AAA and ISO 9001 certified, proving that we comply with all current data destruction regulations as well as additional standards to better protect your data.

Furthermore, after each of our services, you will receive a certificate of destruction. It includes all information about the service you received including when it took place, what was shredded, and who performed the shredding. To top it off, we charge no hidden fees or surcharges, so you can be confident about the cost of our service when scheduling your appointment.

Secure Your Data With Professional Shredding by PROSHRED®

When you need professional shredding service in the Seattle area, contact PROSHRED® to discuss your options. We can get you scheduled with a service that matches the needs of your business, whether it be a large corporate office, a non-profit, a government agency, or a family-run business. Give us a call to schedule a service or learn more about what we offer.

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