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March 7, 2018

Using Professional Document Shredding in Tampa

If you’re a resident or business in the Tampa area you have probably needed document shredding at some point, or soon will require service to get rid of unwanted documents. Hopefully you’ve decided to choose a professional service instead of trying to rough it on your own. Professional services are the most secure and reliable way to dispose of old documents, not to mention the environmental benefits! Once you’ve crossed that bridge, you’re on your way to secure disposal!

Benefits of Professional Document Shredding

There are a number of reasons that set professional shredding above any form of home shredding. For one thing, ye old office shredder, is the very embodiment of a waste of money. These units may seem like a good option when operating on a budget but you really need to consider the disadvantages. You get what you pay for; office shredders can’t handle the same volume of paper as an industrial shredding machine.

Ahha! You might declare, “I only need to shred a few files at a time! Problem avoided!” Well maybe, but for how long? Even if you take a million years to shred a few files one at a time, the motor will eventually burn out, leaving you with an expensive paper weight. Then what? Buy another unit only to have it burn out again as well? That eats up desk space fast.

The shred pattern of these units is also very easy for a dedicated fiend to patch files back together, not only defeating your attempt at shredding but rendering your unit pointless. You could drop some extra cash for a more expensive unit with a better shred pattern but you’ll soon end up back to square one when the motor goes. Now that’s a pricy paper weight! Should’ve just gone pro to begin with…

You may decide that professional shredding is the way to go, if only you didn’t have to lug boxes and bags down the stairs, out the door, and into the car. Luckily any shredding company worth their salt has solutions just for you!

On-site Document Shredding and Pick-Up

Due to the wonderful invention of the automobile, fleets of advanced shred trucks now prowl the streets searching for unsecure documents in need of shredding. What we mean to say is; shredding trucks are the perfect option for easy shredding for residents and businesses. With the ability to come to any location at an agreed upon time, these trucks remove the need to haul boxes away yourself. Documents are loaded up by a uniformed staff member and shredded right before your eyes; you can watch the whole process.

If for whatever reason you’d prefer shredding to occur offsite but still don’t want to ferry files out yourself, many companies will send a secure truck to your location. Staff will pick up the doomed files, load them in the truck, and take them to a shred facility for shredding and processing. With these two options secure shredding has never been easier for Tampa to experience.

There’s really no reason not to take advantage of these services and ensure your own privacy and compliance with Federal and State privacy laws.

PROShred Tampa is one of these first class document shredding companies, serving the Tampa area with professional and secure service.

When it’s time to shred, choose your local experts.

We look forward to your call: 1-813-864-6433

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