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On-Site vs. Drop-Off Shredding: Understanding the Benefits of Each Method

In today’s era, confidentiality and data protection are paramount in both professional and personal settings. Whether it’s a home office or a multinational corporation, safeguarding sensitive information is a top priority. One way to ensure this is through effective paper shredding strategies. There are two primary shredding processes to consider: secure on-site shredding and drop-off

History of the Paper Shredder

Who knew something as simple as paper shredding could have such a fascinating history? From wartime intelligence officers destroying sensitive documents to business professionals pre-emptively thwarting the efforts of identity thieves to creative types looking for their next piece of art—the paper shredder is an iconic tool that has been integral to countless tales throughout

What You Need to Know About Recycling Paper

It’s a collaborative effort to make the environment a better place. Recycling your paper is an action we can appreciate not only today but well into the future. A commitment to recycling reduces the pollution in the air and lessens the amount of leachate, a hazardous liquid that forms when trash decomposes. Recycling paper also

HIPAA-Compliant Shredding: What You Need to Know

While shredding services are essential for every business, medical offices or companies that deal with privileged medical information must follow strict rules to stay compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). While these rules can seem overwhelming, PROSHRED® is here to teach you everything you need to know about HIPAA regulations. What

The Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy

What is the usual state of your desk at work? Are your papers organized and in neat little stacks, or do you have sticky notes and paperwork cluttering every available surface? While every employee has a method to their desk organization that helps them be productive, it’s important to organize your information in a way

Going Paperless? Get Secure Document Scanning from PROSHRED® with PROSCAN® Solutions

From double computer monitors to smart screens to software that manages everything from payroll to daily workflow, tech tools and digital assets have become a well-established norm in the workplace. As a result, the need for paper materials has become more and more obsolete. This evolution has put pressure on organizations in every sector to

Four Reasons Purge Shredding Might be a Good Fit for Your Business

At PROSHRED®, we know having a good reputation is vital for continued success in the business world, and that’s why we take document destruction seriously. If you’re a business owner who deals with sensitive business data on a daily basis, you probably already know the benefits of shredding as a secure and effective disposal method.

What Should and Should Not Go In A Shredding Bin?

When you sign up for on-going shredding services with PROSHRED® Orange County, your ISO 9001 and NAID AAA certified shredding provider, you will be given secure shred bins to safely store unwanted documents until our local shredding service picks up your materials on a routine basis. These shredding bins can be placed throughout the office,

7 Reasons to Hire A Mobile Professional Paper Shredding Service

As a business manager, you are often tied up by phone calls and customer interactions during the day. It can be difficult to find time to stay organized on top of your regular responsibilities. You may think that a mobile paper shredding service is unnecessary, but the right professional paper shredding service offers everything from

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