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May 19, 2016

6 Benefits of Having Your Documents Professionally Shred for Your Denver Business

More than 100,000 people from Colorado have fallen victim to identity theft in just one year, and thousands more are unaware that their bank accounts are being targeted because of information that was unknowingly discovered through improper disposal practices, or failing to shred sensitive material entirely. Just last week there were over 100 victims of identity theft and seven people were arrested for the crimes. You can read more about that here.  Denver Businesses have to take a lot of care with their sensitive documents during storage and at the time of disposal, to ensure information is never exposed and clients are protected.Benefits of Document Shredding
There are many benefits of hiring PROSHRED® to help with your company’s document shredding needs:
1.    Document shredding gives your company peace of mind in knowing that your sensitive information has been destroyed properly.
2.    Your company will be complaint with both Colorado and Federal regulations in regards to the legal obligations that must be met with destroying personal information.
3.    Documents, once shred, are unrecoverable which will help to eliminate identity theft, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in law suits, while also protecting your reputation
4.    From an environmental point of view, the shredded documents will be sent to a local recycling facility and will be turned into low-grade paper products such as toilet paper.
5.    You get a Certificate of Destruction after the documents have been destroyed as proof that everything was done professionally.
6.    If you prefer to stay on-site at your location, PROSHRED®‘s mobile document shredding trucks will come to you and perform the destruction process right before your eyes. This is an easy and convenient option for those companies with a hectic schedule.Don’t let your business be the reason why your customers are experiencing identity theft. Be proactive and ensure that you never have to worry about it by turning to professional shredding provided by PROSHRED®.For more information on how PROSHRED® can assist your Denver business with our shredding solutions, call us at (303) 730-2500.
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