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On-Site vs Off-Site Shredding

PROSHRED® your partner in document security is offering on-site and off-site shredding services associated with legislation compliance.

PROSHRED employee shredding confidential material

Benefits of On-site Shredding Services

PROSHRED®’s ISO 9001 Certified by NSF-ISR on-site system procedures reduce risks and drawbacks by ensuring all confidential materials are destroyed on your premises by trained, bonded security professionals while onboard our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks. By giving you the ability to witness our shredding service via a closed-circuit monitor, and by providing an auditable Certificate of Destruction after each shred, we end the chain-of-custody right on-site with you. What’s more, we can shred in a matter of minutes what would take hours to shred in a typical office shredder, and customers don’t have to worry about dust, noise, or waste disposal.

Healthcare professional discarding confidential documents into the secure console bins provided by PROSHRED
PROSHRED employee discarding confidential documents into a secure console bin

How On-site Shredding Works

Our secure shredding process starts from the moment your employees deposit their confidential papers in our locked office consoles. Based on your service schedule, our Customer Security Professionals (CSPs) empty your consoles and transport your sensitive information—in a locked wheeled tip cart—to the shredding truck parked outside. During the entire process, your paper is never directly handled by our CSPs. The wheeled tip cart is securely fastened to the chute of the shredding truck and automatically lifted inside the truck to shred your material into tiny pieces. These are mixed with other shredded paper that cannot be reconstructed.

What is Off-Site Shredding?

The documents are not shredded at your premises, instead, they are shredded at a designated shredding facility. After the shred job is complete, you will recieve an audit-able Certificate of Destruction in the mail stating the date and time that the shredding took place. The Certificate of Destruction also states the shredding service provided.

PROSHRED trucks outside a warehouse

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