Shredder vs Paper Shredding

Should Your Employees Choose What Is Confidential?

Some smaller businesses believe that purchasing a commercial paper shredder to use in the office is sufficient to guarantee the information security of the business. Unfortunately, this is not often the case, as employees are either too busy or unwilling to choose to stand over the paper shredder and spend the time to shred all the confidential paper that management may desire to be shredded.

This lack of convenience often leads to paper remaining unshredded or discarded into the trash, ultimately reducing the security of your organization’s confidential documents.

Convenient And Professional

Smart businesses use a professional paper shredding services to virtually eliminate the problem. Secure on-site paper shredding services destroy the documents to the highest level of security necessary. It is an extremely convenient process and you can even watch your documents being destroyed on the closed circuit camera mounted on our truck.

Helping You Meet Legislation

Choosing confidential shredders for your record destruction helps your business meet federal and state legislative requirements, such as FACTA, HIPAA and GLBA. Part of your on-site shredding service is a Certificate of Destruction after each and every visit from our shredding professionals. This certificate documents that your confidential information has been shredded and properly destroyed prior to being recycled.

Saving Trees And Being Green

Important to our planet, PROSHRED® is proud to ensure that 100% of your shredded papers are recycled and made into other paper products. At the end of the year, you receive a TreeSaver Environmental Certificate which indicates the number of trees your business has saved from your paper shredder service. Secure professional shredding trucks destroy thousands of pounds of paper an hour, and our service professionals are quickly in and out of your office.


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What People Are Saying About PROSHRED®

We have been using Proshred for about eight months. The staff is very professional in everything they do. The service they offer is more convenient and cost effective than any other way we have tried to handle our document shredding. I highly recommend Proshred!

- Sharon Guyer. Houston, TX

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