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Shredding process - PROSHRED driver shredding confidential information with our mobile shredding trucks
Two business professionals reviewing digital documents on an ipad

Business Shredding

Today, businesses of all sizes are affected by privacy legislation and must take reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access to confidential information.

PROSHRED®’s on-site shredding business and recycling service provides any business with the most secure, convenient, cost-effective and environmentally sound method available for destroying confidential documents to safeguard private information, maintaining legislative compliance and avoid breach-of-security situations that might result in negative publicity.

Medical Record Shredding & Destruction

Most health care and medical professionals understand that it is vital to properly destroy medical records to protect the privacy of patients. Doctors and healthcare practitioners are entrusted with an individual’s most sensitive and confidential information, which must be handled with care and professionalism. Thus when medical records are being discarded, it is vital that the record destruction process also be managed with utmost care and professionalism.

Healthcare professional discarding sensitive information into a secure console bin
Business professional discarding sensitive documents into a PROSHRED secure console bin

Financial Record Shredding

Financial companies have some of the most valuable information about a variety of individuals and organizations. At the same time, your organization probably prints and discards hundreds of pages per month of your own financial information that you want to protect. It is therefore crucially important that these financial records are securely destroyed when it is time to discard them.

Legal Record Shredding & Document Destruction

Your firm needs a legal records shredding company you can trust. After all, your clients are the lifeblood of your business, and your respect for their privacy is a cornerstone of their trust in your firm. A qualified legal record shredding company will help ensure your client’s files remain private and confidential. When your legal records and documents need to be discarded, call PROSHRED® to help you.

Office employee inserting sensitive documents into a secure PROSHRED console bin, to be securely shredded by security bonded professionals
PROSHRED employee collecting a secure console bin at an office

Industrial Shredding for Manufacturing & Distribution

Many of PROSHRED®’s clients are industrial manufacturers and distributors in large and small sizes. Manufacturers need to keep all information secure, not only for keeping what is deemed as confidential information but to make sure there is no breach of trust with its clients.

Education Shredding Services

Schools and educational institutions must keep a close eye on their confidential documents, especially regarding their students. Student records can project highly sensitive information that could devastate the educational institution if there was a breach in security.

PROSHRED employee accessing the security consoles
business woman signing on a clipboard next to shredding truck operator

Insurance Industry Shredding Services

Those in the insurance sector regularly handle some of the most sensitive information about individuals from all over the country. With this type of work comes a responsibility to ensure compliance with all state and federal legislation as well as industry standards so that sensitive information remains confidential. A shredding company familiar with disposing of insurance documents can help. PROSHRED® Security has the tools and the knowledge to help you securely dispose of your organization’s documents. Contact us today to learn more!

Real Estate Shredding Services

PROSHRED® Security maintains a consistent reputation with the Real Estate industry as it evolves in an ever-changing society. Our company understands the fast-paced nature of this industry, which we can keep up with. With important documents always on the go, it’s important to implement a secure solution to destroy your documents when you no longer need them. PROSHRED® Security has various paper shredding services in place to take care of this for your business. Call us today to receive a quote!

PROSHRED driver waving to the camera beside a PROSHRED shredding truck that displays a recycling logo
Paper bits after PROSHRED® shredding services

Hotels and Hospitality Shredding Services

Those within the hospitality industry understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality when it comes to their clientele. Whether you are a hotel employee managing the booking of an A-list celebrity or an event planner handling a client’s credit card information, keeping confidential information private is key. Though many may not realize it, this importance extends beyond the initial interaction to the disposal of the documents containing the information. Thankfully, hospitality shredding services provided by PROSHRED® Security can help.

Automotive Shredding Services

Whether you own and operate a large car dealership or a small service shop, the privacy of your customer’s information is imperative. Businesses in the automotive sector are regularly entrusted with customers’ personal information ranging from credit card numbers to loan information and everything in between. That’s why it is important for organizations in the automotive industry to invest in mobile shredding services to help them securely dispose of the confidential information housed within their facilities.

PROSHRED employee getting into a PROSHRED onsite shredding truck
PROSHRED drivers lined up in front of PROSHRED mobile shredding trucks

Non-Profit Shredding Services

As the Non-Profit sector continues to grow, it is important to keep up with current laws and regulations to ensure your organization is complying. We understand that Non-Profit organizations hold an abundance of confidential information that includes personal information, financials, and more. It is important to take the necessary measures to ensure your information is not breached in any way. PROSHRED® has a range of services available for you to get rid of any outdated information while complying with industry standards and federal/state laws. Call us today to learn more!

Accounting Shredding Services

The Accounting Services industry is more than crunching numbers. Having to be under a business umbrella that includes strategic practice, proper communication, compliance, analyzing, reporting, etc., it’s important to have proper measures in place to secure the safety of your company’s important records. PROSHRED® Security follows strict document destruction guidelines to the ensure proper disposal of any documents you no longer need. Call us for a quote today!

Government and Public Sector Industry
PROSHRED driver leaning up against a PROSHRED truck

Government and Public Sector Shredding Services

Maintaining legal compliance is vital to the success of organizations across all industries. This is especially true when working within the government and public sectors. These types of organizations handle an extraordinary amount of sensitive data on a daily basis, making it necessary to ensure that all of the documents are properly disposed of. This is where government and public sector shredding services can help. PROSHRED® offers a wide range of services nationwide to help your organization comply with both legislative and industry standards.

Retail Shredding Services

From credit card information to email addresses for newsletters, the retail service industry collects a vast amount of information about their customers. Should that data be leaked or otherwise find its way into the wrong hands, your company could face substantial fines and legal ramifications. This could leave you with a significant loss of revenue for months or even years to come. Thankfully, a mobile shredding company such as PROSHRED® can help.

PROSHRED employee discarding the contents of a green bag into the secure console bin
PROSHRED employee shaking hands with a client

Energy Shredding Services

The energy industry is growing exponentially. With revenue, customer base, and technology shifting at all times, it’s important to ensure that all of the sensitive data in your company’s care is protected. Those within the energy industry regularly produce and maintain vast amounts of confidential information including employee files, financial records, and intellectual property. To keep these materials safe, it’s strongly recommended that you hire a secure shredding service such as PROSHRED® Security.

Technology Shredding Services

The technology industry is constantly evolving and advancing the way society functions. All of these leaps and bounds mean that those working in the technology sector are more familiar with the importance of data security than most other individuals. When you need to protect your confidential information, whether it’s in the form of paper files, hard drives, or products, a mobile shredding company can help.

residential shredding employee infron of mobile shredding truck

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