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IT Asset Management and Disposition

The constant advances in technology have caused IT assets and equipment to become obsolete. These may include mobile phones, computers, servers, hard drives, and laptops. As a result, IT managers experience an overload of assets that must be disposed of regularly. PROSHRED® can help you and/or your business dispose of IT Assets safely and ensure there are no data security concerns.

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Comply with EPA and NIST Standards

Choosing an IT Asset Management and Disposition service that complies with EPA and NIST regulations is crucial in disposing of your IT assets properly and removing old data from media. As a business, you must comply with environmental safety, data security, and privacy laws, or risk massive fines for not properly disposing of the equipment. PROSHRED®’s IT disposition practices are environmentally responsible and follow a zero-landfill policy to help protect the environment from dangerous chemicals and materials. 

On-Site Data Destruction

No need to make a special trip: We offer product destruction services on-site for destruction or wiping of Hard Disk Drives. In addition to destroying confidential data, we supply a Certificate of Destruction to our clients after the service is complete. PROSHRED® also offers services to recycle, wipe data, and transfer liability. 


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Government and Public Sector Industry

Site Decommissioning and Relocation

Moving to a new office? PROSHRED® will manage the whole move from an IT asset perspective. Our professionals can handle any size project such as returning servers to their original state, or decommissioning and relocating IT Assets. Services would include the removal of cable and fire suppression elements as well as logistics; the packing and shipping of the IT  assets. 

Data Center Buyout Program

If you’re looking to move from an existing data center to virtual storage, PROSHRED® can help you dispose of any IT equipment you're planning to discontinue any major changes.

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Certified Recycling

PROSHRED® offers certified recycling programs to fit the needs of your business including pick-up programs and collection bins. We report all items as they make their way through the recycling chain and include the make, model, serial number, and any asset tags in our custody reporting.  

Whether your company is looking to get rid of old technology safely, move to a new location, or implement a new storage system, PROSHRED® is here for all of your IT Asset Management and Disposition needs in addition to our business shredding services. Call us at 1-877-767-4733 today. 

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