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May 17, 2017

The benefits of having onsite shredding available for paper or electronics

Jeffrey Hasham, CEO of Redishred Capital Corp., speaks on the benefits of having onsite shredding available for paper or electronics.

People secure their information by way of virus protection, they secure their information by having alarm systems in their company. A lot of companies do not utilize a shredding service for their paper or their electronics and so we’re there to solve that need. And we solve that need primarily for small and medium sized enterprise. RediShred Capital Corp is a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, number one, number two, we are the only pure play company providing onsite information destruction. And what do I mean by onsite? Number one, we come to your door with a shredder on a truck and we destroy your paper, your information and your product right then and there, and doesn’t leave your facility unless it’s destroyed. Not only document destruction, information destruction, electronic destruction, product destruction, which is also important. We are going to continue to expand our footprint across the United States and Canada. We have 30 locations in the United States. Not only growing the top line, but growing the bottom line and providing positive and strong return on investment for our investors. Our company RediShred Capital Corp, is led by a fantastic team of professionals and for us that’s the most important thing. As we grow and as we scale, you need to have a great team.

Redishred Capital Corp. is publicly-owned investment company focused on the consolidation of the United States paper shredding and recycling industry. The company’s stock trades on TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol KUT.

On March 17, 2008 Redishred completed its first corporate acquisition with the purchase of Professional Shredding Corporation, including the intellectual property and trademarks associated with the PROSHRED® brand (excluding Canada). With it, Redishred acquired PROSHRED®’s 21-year proven operating system, all United States franchise locations and the go-forward operating platform for consolidating the shredding and recycling industry.

Redishred’s mission in delivering profitability and growth to its shareholders is to establish a national footprint of approximately 80 locations across the United States. The market development strategy is centered on growth through corporate acquisitions, continued franchising, and joint venture partnerships.

Under the PROSHRED® brand, Redishred leverages an established brand and operating system to drive operational economies of scale across the network and increase bottom-line profitability for Redishred stakeholders. The company’s consolidation strategy under PROSHRED® also capitalizes on a highly fragmented U.S. document shredding industry and very robust market drivers, including rapid growing concerns about identity theft and corporate espionage, tighter regulatory requirements and increased privacy legislation, and a massive push towards “green” business.

As an operator currently serving a US$3.6 billion industry, the PROSHRED® business produces excellent margins with recurring revenue streams from both shredding services and recycled paper. PROSHRED® is an ISO certified company and an industry pioneer known as a leader in security, quality and customer service. Visit www.proshred.com for more information.

Redishred is poised for excellent growth and profitability as senior management executes its strategic consolidations plan across the United States.

Source: Business Television

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