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Benefits Of Secure Paper Shredding | PROSHRED® New York

Professional secure paper shredding service is vital for all businesses that care about client and employee safety and privacy. It doesn't matter if a business is well established or new to the scene, confidentiality and discretion must be a priority. Otherwise, a business could make itself susceptible to information breaches that can be extremely troubling…

Posted By: PROSHRED® New York


Avoid An Office Security Breach | PROSHRED® Milwaukee

An office security breach is a nightmare and the last situation any business owner wishes to face. It’s no surprise that information breaches can make customers lose faith in a business. If you are a Milwaukee business owner and wish to avoid the catastrophe of security breaches, it's time to focus on secure shredding services.…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Milwaukee


How To Prevent Identity Theft | Tax Season & Beyond

Stay Protected From Identity Thieves During Tax Season and Beyond Identity theft is among the fastest-growing crimes across America with millions of people affected every year. One out of every four residents in Charlotte, North Carolina, may expect to become a victim of this crime. When a thief steals your identity, it can destroy your…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Charlotte


Hiring a Shredding Service Provider: What You Should Consider

With office space is dwindling, you are beginning to see that file cabinets and desks are piling up with old paperwork and outdated files. Knowing that the majority of the material is deemed private, you may be hanging onto it, hesitant to throw away anything in the event that it could reach the wrong hands. …

Posted By: PROSHRED® Northern Virginia


Our 2017 Recommendations for Better Business Information Security

Information Security is a hot-button issue for businesses small and large. Unfortunately, most business owners tend to underestimate the risks posed by inadequate document and electronic information security practices. PROSHRED® Indianapolis is a leader in document security. With over 30 years of experience in document shredding and destruction, the PROSHRED® name has become synonymous with simple,…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Indianapolis


Do you know how long you should retain documents before destruction?

Clink on the link and you can download a PDF guide to learn about document retention: PROSHRED Retention Guide

Posted By: PROSHRED® Indianapolis


How Can Your Business Lose its Data?

If you aren’t properly prepared, data loss can occur in the blink of an eye, and it can leave your business at considerable risk. Fortunately, with simple preventative measures you can protect your data effectively. What are some common ways your business could lose its data anyways? What can your Miami business can do to…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Miami


Does Shredded Paper Get Recycled?

Does Shredded Paper Get Recycled? When it comes to getting rid of paper, you try to do what’s right for the environment, and that means recycling. Americans use 170 billion pounds of paper a year, which works out to about 680 pounds per person. Each 2,000 pounds of recycled paper can save: 17 trees 380…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Connecticut


Protect Yourself from Information Theft in 2017

With 2017 finally here, most residents here in Denver will be starting to think of those exciting goals and resolutions for the New Year. Of course, you likely already have a few personal resolutions in mind, but what about your business? Have you considered setting some specific resolutions to achieve for your organization this year?…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Denver


Why Do Paperless Offices Need a Scheduled Shredding Service?

It starts as a simple idea. Increase productivity, time management, working from home and shared networks, cut down on the expense of printers, toner and paper. The contents of the office filing cabinets are scanned and a one-time purge booked with PROSHRED®. The IT guys have worked their magic with cloud sharing and server back-ups,…

Posted By: PROSHRED® Delaware


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What People Are Saying About PROSHRED®

We were looking for a shredding service that we could trust and fairly priced. Proshred is perfect for both. They come pick up and you can watch via the video screen on the outside of the truck your items being shredded onsite! No mystery about where your documents are being taken! Destruction notice issued immediately. Pickups are scheduled and they arrive at the designated time you are given. I highly recommend Proshred for all your document shredding needs!

- Valorie Peck. Crestwood, IL

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