Stop Fraud from Happening in Your Fort Lauderdale Workplace

Fraud exists and targets a number of industries on a  regular basis. Fraud can occur in a variety of manners and can be carried out in the form of theft, forgery, computer crime, and other “white collar” crimes. If your company is targeted by such a crime, it can cause significant consequences and unexpected liabilities for…

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recycling bin

Why a Recycling Bin isn’t Enough

Every Albany office has at least one recycling container in the lunch room, beside the print area, or under-the-desk bins for each desk. The issue? In too many circumstances, they are used to collect more than just cans, bottles, and plastic.

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dumpster diving

Dumpster Diving and Identity Theft: Stay Secure

Whether it is old contracts, budgets, marketing plans or customer lists, your sensitive business records are full of sensitive information that could be damaging if exposed. In fact, by law you are obligated as a business owner to safeguard these documents with the proper preventative measures. Throwing these records away in the trash is definitely not the…

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Advantages of Document Shredding

Document destruction has been around for decades, however, today it’s not just a recommended practice, but it is an essentially necessary one for Syracuse organizations. Due to increasingly stringent privacy legislation and the fact that information theft continues to occur, secure destruction is the only method of document disposal that guarantees your protection. If you…

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Let’s Celebrate Valentine’s Day Together!

Being single may not always be easy around Valentine’s Day, especially when love (and chocolate) fills the air. Many may refer to Valentine’s Day as “Singles Awareness Day.” What better way to celebrate being single and mending a lonely heart than with a unique release of destroying any evidence of a relationship…

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clean desk policy

Implement a Clean-Desk Policy for the New Year

As a business owner, have you ever debated the idea of “hot-desking?” If not, perhaps this is an entirely new term to you all together. In either case, hot desking is a process in which your employees are not restricted to specific seating or assigned workstations. Alternatively, staff is encouraged to work throughout the office…

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Dumpster Diving Often Leads to Identity Theft

Is it time to clear out your filing cabinets to make room for new files? While revisiting your cabinets and organizing your business records is an integral part of maintaining a clutter-free office, are you approaching the process properly? In other words, are you disposing of critical business information in a secure manner? It’s crucial…

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Keep Your Medical Office Compliant with HIPAA

Medical offices in Miami and throughout the rest of the United States, often share confidential data with other employees and patients regularly. Such information might include financial details, employee records and most critically, the medial files of current patients. By law as a business owner, you are responsible for keeping any sensitive matters surrounding your…

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Professional Liability Insurance Protects Proshred Customers

This post was written by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) To organizations using data-related service providers Using outside services for data destruction, records storage, media rotation and many other data-related services has grown so popular because they can do it more securely and more economically than organizations can do it for themselves. However,…

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Benefits Of Secure Paper Shredding | PROSHRED® New York

Professional secure paper shredding service is vital for all businesses that care about client and employee safety and privacy. It doesn't matter if a business is well established or new to the scene, confidentiality and discretion must be a priority. Otherwise, a business could make itself susceptible to information breaches that can be extremely troubling…

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