California Consumer Privacy Act: What Your Business Should Know

Consumer privacy and the way companies manage personal data are top-of-mind subjects for much of the world after the GDPR was enacted and enforced. While the European Union has placed formalized actions for the regulation of how data is stored, collected, and transferred, the United States has still not enacted any formal regulations nationwide.  …

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Just How Secure is Hard Drive Shredding?

Protecting business information is now more important than ever! Computers are storing large amounts of data, and these numbers continue to increase as the digital world becomes more popular. For businesses, it is crucial to make every effort possible to safeguard customer, employee, and business information. If confidential data fell into the wrong hands, your…

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PROSHRED® DC is Shredding Cancer!

We want to fuel the fight against cancer with education and preventative resources. That’s why for the 6th year in a row, PROSHRED® DC will be participating in the Shred for Cancer Nationwide Shredding Event! Our DC location is just one of the many PROSHRED® franchise locations participating this year. Learn how shredding your secure…

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Shred Cancer the ProShred Baltimore Way

For the 6th year in a row, we are excited to partner with the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) for the Annual Shred for Cancer Nationwide Shredding Event! Baltimore is just one of the 30+ locations participating this year. Continue reading to learn how this event can benefit you and save lives at the…

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Training Employees: Making Sure Your Staff is up to Date

When you’re in the business of handling sensitive records, you’ve got a big responsibility to ensure you are doing so properly. There is a lot of trust being given here between your clients, employees, and you. The first thing that needs to happen in order to deserve this trust is having proper procedures, and this…

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Why Paper Shredding Should be Included in Your Company’s Spring Cleaning

Paper shredding and spring cleaning are necessary to keep an organized environment whether at home or work. While at first glance the task seems easy, you truly don’t realize how messy or unorganized your office space is until you start cleaning. Business Spring Cleaning: Tackling All the Paper If you are a business owner or…

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Too Much Paper? Spring Clean Your Documents with a One-Time Purge

Wouldn’t it be great to start fresh this spring, with a home or an office free from piles of paper? If you need documents professionally destroyed on an ongoing basis, PROSHRED Connecticut offers customized scheduled shredding service on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, but did you know it also offers one-time purge shredding? There…

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Why You Should Recycle Your Electronics Instead of Throwing Them Away

The business world has seen many changes over the years, and it is quickly evolving with new technologies. These newer and more advanced computers, printers, phone systems and other electronics make running a business easier by providing solutions to obstacles one may have faced in the past. With faster and more efficient processes, why would…

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Can I Shred My Old Tax Returns?

Now that tax season has come and gone and you've filed your return with your returns from past years, you may get the urge to purge. Here at PROSHRED® Connecticut, we often receive questions about shredding tax returns and financial documents. We’re happy to supply answers to these commonly asked tax questions. Do I need…

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5 Things to do Before Disposing of Your Computer

Technology is constantly advancing, bringing newer, faster and more advanced capabilities to computers, mobile devices, and other electronics. These improvements can greatly benefit businesses! If your company is interested in purchasing new office equipment, you should complete several key actions before throwing away any old computers.   Save Any Needed FilesTo make sure you don’t…

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