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Syracuse shredding services

Tips to Choosing Reputable Shredding Services

What to Look for in a Syracuse Shredding Service   Choosing a paper shredding service for your office is something that should include diligent research. When entrusting a third party in your office and allowing access to your company's data as well as your clients’ personal information, a proper vetting process as well as understanding…

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paper shredding best practices

Paper Shredding: Is your Shredding Method Secure Enough?

Paper Shredding Tips to Ensure Security   Apocryphal stories, urban legends and even the occasional spy novel occasionally depict scenes where someone is able, through considerable patience and precision, and at least one montage, to reassemble a shredded document and obtain the Macguffin, super-secret information or industry-changing recipe from it.  While dramatic, it may or…

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fairfax county shredding

Fairfax County Shredding: Secure Your Information

Tips When Seeking Shredding Services in Fairfax County   How valuable is the reputation of your business? If important financial paper documents are stolen from the discarded trash or recycling, it could damage both reputation and the future financial well-being of a business. Learn why businesses are and should seek professional Fairfax County shredding services…

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document shredding milwaukee

Document Shredding in Milwaukee: Which Service is Right for you?

How to Pick the Right Professional Document Shredding Service to Fit Your Needs   In the age of information, data is the lifeblood of many businesses. Keeping this information safe during its life cycle is critical to customer safety and legal compliance. To ensure proper handling of your sensitive documents and data, it is important…

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Professional Shredding Companies – A Better Business Choice

Why Professional Shredding Companies are the Key to Success   Professional shredding companies are a great option for businesses looking to improve their organization by making very simple yet effective changes to everyday tasks. Changing daily actions as simple as putting a confidential document into a different bin for shredding not only saves your company…

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PROSHRED Fort Lauderdale - Shredding Services

Why Document Shredding?

Consider a Document Shredding Service for Your Needs     The most obvious reason for companies to seek document shredding services is to keep them out of the hands of unauthorized personnel. Businesses and individuals still accumulate a lot of paper documents and store sensitive information long past when it is necessary to retain. Sensitive…

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Shredding Service Benefits in Charlotte

Is Your Business Utilizing Professional Shredding Services?   Your business is just that—your business. Then again, sometimes your business is your customer’s/client’s business. Either way, you don’t want sensitive records from that business falling into the wrong hands or leaving you liable because you violated privacy standards. What you need is a professional shredding service,…

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Document Destruction near Me

Document Destruction in Albany, NY   One might be surprised to learn there are still company managers who believe that shredding their documents before disposal is unnecessary. "Is anyone really going to rifle through a small   business' trash to see if they can find some scrap of paper with an account number on it?" they…

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Information Security Tips to Protect Your Business

We live in a world where it’s become more important than ever before to protect the security of your business’ sensitive information. Just watch the news on almost any given day and you’ll see a story about an information breach somewhere in the world. Hackers and data thieves make an unscrupulous living stealing the personal…

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We were looking for a shredding service that we could trust and fairly priced. Proshred is perfect for both. They come pick up and you can watch via the video screen on the outside of the truck your items being shredded onsite! No mystery about where your documents are being taken! Destruction notice issued immediately. Pickups are scheduled and they arrive at the designated time you are given. I highly recommend Proshred for all your document shredding needs!

- Valorie Peck. Crestwood, IL

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