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The Truth About Identity Theft

You have been notified by your bank or another company that suspicious activity was noted on your accounts. What does this mean? If you check your card statements and see purchases that you did not make, most likely someone has stolen your identity. Luckily you were notified. Sometimes people do not know they have an…

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Common Ways You May Be Putting Secure Information at Risk

Simple Mistakes That Can Affect Your Company & Your Job   It is increasingly common to see large companies entrenched in a data breach compromising hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of records containing personal information of clients, personnel and customers. Simple mistakes can lead to the loss of secure information and loss of a…

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Identity theft

Top Fall Cleaning Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Fall Cleaning -  Avoiding Holiday Identity Theft     You’re on the lookout for phishing emails, you’ve set up two-step authentication for your accounts, and you’re using unique passwords that could not be guessed in a million years. You’re one of the most conscious and safe internet participants that you know. With information breaches always…

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How HR Can Take Charge of Information Security

Ways to Place HR at the Forefront of Information Security   The first interaction a new employee has is often with your HR department. HR sets the standard expectations of company policies. Don’t leave data protection solely to IT when a precedent set by HR could be the real multiple force solution to having a…

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Secure Shredding

Elevate Office Security with Secure Shredding

Why Investing in Secure Shredding is a Safe Bet   Prioritizing your business to take the precautions necessary to protect personal and confidential information clients entrust you with is critical. Private information can easily slip into the wrong hands without the proper security measures in place. These wrong hands can use your client’s confidential information…

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Information Security

Top Ways Executives Lead Information Security

Information Security Comes from the Top Down A staggering statistic shows that only 45% of boards participate in information security strategy according to PwC’s 2016 survey over the State of Security. Stakeholders of a company should be the forefront of policy and preparedness when facing information security.   The Magnitude of Leadership   Information Breach…

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Secure Your Personal Information – How to Clean a Laptop Before Leaving a Job

Tips to Secure Your Personal Information -  Don’t Leave Your Information Behind Do you have an employee who is leaving the company for a new opportunity? Are you providing a new laptop to an employee? Are you an employee leaving for a great opportunity? (yay relocation to San Diego!) Any which way, there should be…

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Compromised Data: Top 5 Common at Risk Work Habits

Are You Placing Yourself At Risk of Compromised Data?   According to the 2016 Breach Level Index (please link this to the article), over 5 million records of compromised data were lost or stolen every day, an 86% total increase than the year before.   Securing your data can be as easy as changing a few simple…

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Shred-all Solution: Recycling Bins Posing a Security Threat?

Ensure Safe Document Disposal with Shred-All Mentality Do you know what happens to your information when it has been discarded or recycled? How confident are you that your recycling bin currently does not contain any sensitive information? Often documents can be recycled without thought to the vulnerability posed to the information it may contain. Secure…

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Five Major Threats of Poor Document Management:

Inadequate document management keeps businesses from reaching their full potential. Most of the things we do in our day to day work lives involves some kind of document being created or shared. Whether it’s a simple email, business contract or customer profile, the valuable information they contain is essential for decision-making, and must be kept…

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