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September 8, 2017

How PROSHRED® is Protecting the Identities of Students Through Document Destruction

Document destruction is a practice which, once seldom, has become commonplace in many different industries. Every day thousands of doctors and lawyers depend on the services of document destruction to keep theirs, and their customers’ identities and sensitive information protected. With the increasing number of home offices, document destruction services have been increasing at residential locations as well. But did you know that PROSHRED® is also the number one expert at serving professionals in the education sector as well? Our NAID AAA Certified team is always kept up to date and training on all relevant legislation, allowing us to serve many different clients in the education sector.

Different educational institutions are subject to different legislation’s. Two of these include FACTA and FERPA. FACTA stands for the Fact and Accurate Transactions Act. The goal behind the creation and passing of FACTA was to prevent and punish consumer fraud and identity theft practices. The act consists of seven major titles and applies to nearly any business entities making transactions using US currency, including almost all non-US entities directly or indirectly. FERPA on the other hand stands for the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. The intent with FERPA is to protect the education records and, ultimately, the identities of students. This law applies to any and all entities that receive any sort of funding under a program administered by the US Department of Education.

These legislation incorporate document destruction in different capacities:


Consisting of many different sections, one of the more recently amended sections to FACTA is known as the disposal rule. The goal of this new rule was to ensure that businesses and individuals using sensitive consumer information dispose of this information in properly secure ways. One of the methods of disposal classified as “proper” in this circumstance is through the physical destruction of documents. Electronic media devices are also encouraged to be physically destroyed as well.


The possibility of unauthorized disclosures of sensitive information on students has prompted encouragement of using secure methods of document disposal. The penalties far outweigh the costs of secure destruction under FERPA. One of the most secure ways to dispose of old documents and media devices containing student information is through the physical destruction of these mediums.

PROSHRED® seeks to keep your business on the right side of the law. Our highly favored document destruction services are sure to keep you clients’ information safe upon disposal. We even reaffirm our commitment to our services through the issue of a Certificate of Destruction following every document destruction service appointment we fulfill.

Learn more about the shredding services we offer, or contact one of our many branches to discuss what services are available to you and your business. We look forward to hearing and working with you!

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