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June 10, 2016

Why Every Minnesota Business Should Get Their Documents Shredded

When it comes to documentation practices for your Minnesota business you can never be too safe.  Paper is the one thing that can leave a large and dangerous trail that could get your business in a lot of trouble real soon if your confidential documents land in the hands of the wrong person.When the wrong hands get a hold of your waste paper

Account Hacking – Some of your business documents could contain sensitive information regarding passwords or account information. If hackers get a hold of these documents they can easily get access to accounts such as your banking account or perhaps even your client’s personal bank accounts.

Identity Theft – Specific documentation items, such as copies of ID cards, bank cards, bank statements and drivers licenses could easily lead to identity theft for your clients and staff if the wrong types of people get a hold of these documents.

Fraud – Some of your sensitive information could lead to your business being blackmailed or could lead to fraud when the signatures of some of your employees are copied for false transactions.

Destroy Documents Properly
The best way to ensure that all of your Minnesota company’s fragile information stays completely secure is by getting a professional shredding company like PROSHRED® to destroy these documents on your behalf. PROSHRED® uses the best shred technology on the market today; our equipment will destroy your documents into tiny pieces that no one will ever be able to put together again. The destroyed paper will then be disposed of in the most discreet and environmentally friendly way possible.

Other ways in which PROSHRED® can keep your company safe

PROSHRED® can get all of your old computer’s hard drives destroyed and disposed of discreetly so no one will be able to extract your private information from them. They also offer mobile scanning solutions and can get all of your sensitive information scanned before destroying the original documentation so you can store the information away much easier. You can find out more information on why you should be destroying your hard drive here.

For more information on how PROSHRED® can help you keep your Minnesota business protected with our shredding solutions, call us at (952) 777-4876.

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