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July 21, 2014

Do Yourself a Favor: Dispose Your Hard Drive the Right Way with PROSHRED®’s Destruction Service

Are you prepared to deal with the risks of an information breach from a hard drive or other type of electronic media containing highly sensitive information? Thankfully, PROSHRED® has you covered. With our hard drive destruction service, you now have a secure, easy and affordable option at your fingertips. We ensure all of your data is 100% physically destroyed so that it can never be accessed again. With our personnel being screened and certified, you can rest easy knowing that this is done in a secure and confidential environment.

Many people assume that simply disposing their hard drives in the garbage will prevent any type of security breach. However, until your hard drive is safely and properly disposed of, there is no way to ensure your private data is safe. To show evidence of this, an MIT professor conducted a study to figure out what information could be recovered from used hard drives. After purchasing 158 hard drives from eBay and other vendors, the professor discovered that only 12 of those drives had non-recoverable data. On the remaining 146 drives, he found information such as credit card numbers, contact information, emails, social security number, medical records and other sensitive data.*

PROSHRED’s effective hard drive destruction service was implemented to prevent any of your private information to be in the hands of the wrong person, at the wrong time. Our process starts by copying and scanning your hard drive’s bar code. Then, each hard drive is destroyed using an industrial shredding machine that can shred up to 1000 hard drives an hour.

Thanks to our certified process we follow and the Certificate of Destruction provided at the end of each job, there is no need for you to worry about being in compliance with laws like FACTA, HIPAA, HITECH or GLBA. And because we realize how valuable your time is, we schedule your job at your convenience and stay in touch with you by email or phone to meet our scheduled time window. You can save money with our professional hard drive destruction service because our automated mobile shredding truck and equipment enables us to bill you only for the electronic data that is being destroyed.

Contact the friendly PROSHRED® professionals today to see how we can help you avoid a major security breach with on-site hard drive destruction – you’ll be happy you did!

*Source: Seagate – Drive Disposal Best Practices

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