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January 4, 2021

Keep Business Data Secure in 2021 with PROSHRED®

How Your Business can Keep Data Secure in 2021

Start 2021 on a clean slate by organizing your office space and shredding unneeded documents. Did you know January includes National Home Office Safety and Security Week,  Tax Identity Theft Week, and National Data Privacy Day? That’s right! Make sure your business protects confidential data and meets all federal and state privacy laws not only this month, but all year long by following these tips:


Tips for Keeping your Business Secure (At The Office … and at Home!)

As more employees start to work from home, businesses must make stronger efforts to ensure confidential data is protected. While normally scheduled shredding at your business’s location was enough, now companies are creating policies for remote workers. At PROSHRED®, we make shredding easy whether you’re working at the office, at home, or both. Make sure you’re taking the right precautions to keep your information secure.


Schedule Routine Shredding Services

The easiest way to ensure documents containing confidential data are not mishandled or could be used in a data breach is to schedule routine shredding services. With locations around the nation, PROSHRED® is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals safeguard their private information. This ensures companies maintain appropriate legislative compliance while also protecting their public image.


Our data destruction company offers a variety of services to meet your paper shredding needs. Ongoing or regularly scheduled services are a top choice, as it’s convenient and easy to fit into schedules. This is a great way to assure your documents are securely shredded on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. However, one-time purge  shredding services may make more sense if you do not consistently deal with a large amount of paper, documents, and other files.


Document Shredding Services

Cleaning out all papers, records, and other files that have gathered both in the office and at home is a great way to stay organized and start 2021 on a clean slate. If your business uses file cabinets, storage rooms, or even warehouse space to store documents, you may want to schedule a one-time purge and then an ongoing shredding service to prevent the build up of paper in the future.


Although paper shredding is offered on a routine or one-time basis, sometimes your company needs a more advanced service. While home office shredding is a convenient way to protect privacy beyond the office setting, other times drop-off shredding works best.  At PROSHRED®, we offer a variety of document shredding services that are tailored to meet your business needs. 


Not sure what shredding service is best for you? Let one of our document shredding professionals perform a security audit on your company. This in-depth look helps determine the right equipment to use and provides an estimate on how often your documents should be destroyed according to various factors at the business-level.


Document Scanning Services

Deciding which documents to keep and which ones to destroy can be difficult. Luckily, PROSHRED® offers document scanning services through our partner, PROSCAN®. Before files are securely shredded, they can be scanned, digitized, and uploaded to your computers. This is a great way to reduce the number of physical documents in your office setting, while for many brings comfort as the information is still available if needed.


Add Additional Security with Specialty Shredding Services

Adding routine document shredding and document scanning into your business practices is the best way to keep sensitive information secure. However, for ultimate protection your business should invest in hard drive destruction and product destruction as well. While these services are usually not as frequent as document shredding, our shredding professionals can give you an estimate on how often to destroy your hard drives or products. Learn more below.


Hard Drive Destruction 

A key factor in keeping data secure begins with destroying hard drives. Hard drive destruction is the only way to ensure sensitive data is completely removed from computers and other electronic equipment prior to disposal. Our mobile hard drive destruction services allow your hard drives to remain in your custody until they are destroyed. 


You’ll also receive a Certificate of Destruction detailing the time and date the hard drives were picked up. If you are getting new computers for the upcoming year, you should schedule a hard drive destruction service to protect your information stored on the old devices. Simply deleting files from your hard drive does not protect against those well-versed in information retrieval.


Product Destruction

Product destruction is popular for companies who have branded materials such as old uniforms and other important assets that could cause a security risk if found in the wrong hands. If your company is rebranding, while you may want to keep some products as a nice keepsake, it’s important to destroy old branded items for security reasons.


Other common products to destroy include old sales brochures and price books, branded apparel, uniforms, shoes, and badges, identity cards, expired credit cards, driver’s licenses, recalled products, and medical equipment such as x-rays, prescription pill bottles, and more. If you have old products laying around the office, you can start the year fresh with a product destruction service.


Stay Compliant with Secure Shredding

PROSHRED® helps your business stay compliant by helping you meet the requirements in both federal and local administration. As the only on-site shredding company with a double certification (ISO 9001 Certified by NSF-ISR and NAID AAA), you receive maximum satisfaction and stunning customer service.


Each of our shredding services is complete with a Certificate of Destruction, which ensures full compliance for privacy laws like HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA, FERPA, GLBA and more. Additionally, once destroyed, all materials are taken to recyclers for further processing. We are proud to not only protect your confidential information, but to keep you compliant and work towards helping the environment.


Your Local Shredding Solution

PROSHRED® locations are locally owned, giving you more flexibility and responsiveness compared to national shredding companies. Our local owners understand your community and market and provide a more personalized approach to your shredding needs. No matter where you’re located, you can trust PROSHRED® when you’re wondering “Where to find shredding near me?”


Call today to learn more about our local shredding services and how you can start 2021 on a more secure path for your business. Our shredding company is ready to help whether your employees are working in the office, at home, or both, and we look forward to serving you.

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