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February 22, 2016

Prevent Information Security Breaches | Mobile Shredding

Recently a simple mistake in transport caused a serious breach in information security, exposing over 480,000 patient’s personal information to the dangers of identity theft.
In today’s digital age paper medical records still exist and contain a patient’s most sensitive information including social security number, financial information, date of birth, and more. The destruction of these paper records requires top level security and professionalism.

A Highway of Confidential Information
In Ft. Myers, Florida, a truck transporting hundreds of thousands of these paper medical records to an incinerator failed to secure the back door resulting in the medical records covering the highway.
For several days following the incident staff and physicians at Radiology Regional Central combed the area working to retrieve all the records possible. Without any guarantee they secured them all, and all affected individuals are being offered one year of identity theft protection services from Equifax.
While incinerating documents is a high security disposal process, transporting the documents to the incinerator is risky and poses a serious threat to security.

A Data Security Solution: Mobile Shredding
Proshred’s mobile shredding trucks are an ultra-safe data security solution, destroying confidential documents on-site. During the hands-free transport from your office to our mobile shredding trucks and into the shredders, all documents are kept under lock and key. After each shredding session you will receive a certificate of destruction.
Our trucks offer three levels of shredding security, with level one three times more secure than the industry standard. Our mobile shredding trucks also tear instead of cut, creating a more random secure shred.
Instead of allowing your secure documents to take a trip down the highway and risking an information security breach, trust the experts at PROSHRED® to destroy on-site, right in front of you. Contact us today to schedule your mobile shredding service.

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