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August 26, 2013

Professional Document Shredders vs. In-house Personal Paper Shredders

In our continually tight economic times, businesses are constantly seeking to cut unnecessary and inefficient costs. But sometimes cutting can actually end up costing your business more than it saves, particularly when it comes to handling sensitive and confidential information. Many businesses have sought to cut costs for disposing of documents containing such information by investing in a personal paper shredder, but this apparently budget-conscious solution could actually be draining resources instead of conserving them.

Many businesses believe that an in-house paper shredder can be used by current employees to destroy documents as needed. It’s as simple as that! However, in-house shredding is complicated by several cost inefficient facts. Businesses often have a great many documents that need to be destroyed at any one time, meaning that valuable employee time is taken away from employees’ main work to prepare the documents (remove clips/staples), then feed them into the shredder, provide maintenance should it need repair or create a mess, and dispose of the waste. This is a poor use of valuable time and resources, which can leave employees frustrated and unwilling to employ the shredder as they should, reducing the cost efficiency of the enterprise.

Outsourcing your document destruction can be a fraction of the cost compared to using an in-house system! Plus outsourcing your document destruction bypasses those in-house shredding risks. There’s no mess, noise or maintenance when you hire a secure business document shredding service to do the work for you, only happier employees and a cleaner work place.

Equally, if not more importantly than cost concerns are the security risks associated with in-house shredding. Paper shredders are often used inappropriately which can lead do accidents and injury. In-house shredding risks also include leaving important documents that need to be disposed of in general access areas where they may come under the scrutiny of unfriendly eyes. Identity fraud is an ever present problem in our country and inappropriate document shredding practices could lead to a major breach of your employees’ and company’s privacy.

Because of all of these in-house shredding risks, PROSHRED® offers secure business document shredding services that pointedly address each of the risks listed above. The Customer Service Professionals from PROSHRED® will come to your business and shred all of your documents outside of the building in one of our secure paper shredding trucks, keeping your office space clean and employees satisfied. Additionally the professionals at PROSHRED® comply with all privacy legislation on national and local scales and in specific industries, so that you know your documents have been destroyed efficiently and without possible negative consequences.

Visit the PROSHRED® website to learn more about how PROSHRED® can meet all of your business’ shredding needs and keep your business running as cost-efficiently as possible!

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