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March 17, 2014

PROSHRED®’s Helpful Retention Schedule Identifies When it’s Time to Destroy Old Documents

Whether it’s your personal home office or a building filled with 200+ employees, keeping an office functioning properly is challenging. Maintaining equipment, stocking supplies, managing people and keeping files organized all have their own necessary processes that can take up a lot of time. In addition to those recurring to-do’s, did you know that there are Federal Privacy laws in place that require you to safely dispose personal and commercially sensitive information and documents?

Proshred has created a helpful Retention Guide and Retention Schedule that displays the HIPAA, FACTA, HITECH and GLBA standard retention timelines for documents including corporate records, contracts, tax and insurance records and financial information. The retention schedule helps to prevent unauthorized or accidental disclosure of personal information and was created to balance the legal requirements and usefulness of records to determine the length of storage time needed.

Being proactive about document destruction will keep your business safe and help to avoid legal concerns in the work place. Identity theft is currently the fastest growing non-violent crime in the U.S.* and, contrary to popular belief, traditional paper streams account for 75%* of information theft although the common perception is that most identity theft occurs online.  Proshred offers secure on-site shredding services that allow you the ability to personally watch our professionals as they destroy your documents. Better yet, rather than spending hours of your day trying to destroy the documents yourself and then dispose of them safely, our efficient mobile shredding trucks have all the necessary equipment to complete the task in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, you can put your mind at ease because once the document destruction process is complete Proshred will even provide you with an auditable Certificate of Destruction for your records!

Take a look today to see if you’re on track with the appropriate retention schedules for your documents.  With over 25 years of trusted mobile paper shredding experience, Proshred can help business, home office and residential customers maintain the proper retention schedule. Our team of local owners focus on high quality document destruction and on-site shredding services including one-time shredding, regularly scheduled paper shredding, drop-off and residential shredding services as well as hard drive destruction services. Contact your local Proshred today to learn more about our safe and secure shredding services.

*Source: Federal Trade Commission (FTC) www.ftc.gov

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