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August 23, 2019

Secure Desk Policy


A secure desk policy is used to ensure all sensitive and confidential materials are removed from workspaces and locked away when the documents are not being used or disposed of in a secure container to be shredded. This is one of the top strategies to reduce the risk of a security breach in the workplace. By enacting this policy, you are raising the awareness within your organization about protecting sensitive documents.


  1. Employees are required and responsible for ensuring that all sensitive and confidential information in physical or electronic form is secure in their respective work area at the end of the day, when going on a break, or expect to be gone from their workstation for an extended period.
  2. Computers must be locked when the workspace is not occupied.
  3. At the end of the workday, computers must be completely shut down and locked away or taken with the employee it belongs to and transported securely.
  4. File cabinets or drawers that contain papers and files must be kept closed and locked when not in use or when the workstation is unattended.
  5. Keys to access sensitive documents must not be left open at an unattended workstation.
  6. Passwords should not be left on notes near a computer or left in an accessible location at your workstation.
  7. When printing a document, any documents with names, addresses, and communications should be immediately removed retrieved from the printer
  8. When sensitive documents need to be disposed of, the documents should be placed in the secure PROSHRED® bins/consoles.


Your company will verify compliance through an audit process, including but not limited to: periodic walkthroughs, business equipment reports, and feedback to the policy owner.

Click the following link to download the Secure Desk Policy.

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