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June 10, 2014

Take A Look Around: How Document Destruction Keeps You Safe Wherever You Go

The safe and secure destruction of sensitive documents is not a service limited to one particular industry or business. The benefits of document destruction and industrial record shredding apply to countless different fields and help improve security and defense all around. A quick look at the places you may interact with on a day-to-day basis helps shed light into how document destruction keeps your personal information safe in more ways than one. Here’s a few of the many industries served by the industrial record shredding professionals at PROSHRED®:

Business and Office

Businesses and offices of virtually any size are the core foundation of industrial record shredding. With near constant influx of documents containing sensitive personal information, it is imperative for these firms to not only safeguard this information but also destroy and dispose of it in a cost-effective and convenient manner through business shredding services.

Medical and Healthcare

Medical records contain some of the most private and personal information, which is why doctors and healthcare practitioners understand the importance of maintaining the ultimate level of patient privacy. Medical record shredding services help these firms cautiously and professionally discard sensitive information with the utmost care.

Legal and Financial

Financial and legal companies are another sector that acquires significant levels of documents containing personal and sensitive information. Ineffective document disposal in this area can leave this information susceptible to identity theft, corporate fraud, and a wide variety of other security risks – making legal record shredding especially important.

Educational Institutions

Student records house important personal information regarding children and young adults whether it is an elementary school or a state university. An educational institution could be devastated by a breach of security regarding their students’ personal information which is why so many of them trust and rely on the expertise of education document destruction service.

Residential and Home Office

Personal identity theft and espionage are growing crimes in the U.S. and their risks aren’t limited to big businesses. Residential document shredding services help keep sensitive documents around the house away from prying eyes and helps home businesses continue to function securely and efficiently without falter.

With a long-standing industry reputation and continued commitment to superior service and full legal compliance, PROSHRED® stands tall as a leader in document destruction and industrial record shredding. These industries represent the wide scope that the benefits of safe and secure document shredding can reach. Learn more about how your unique needs and goals regarding document security can be achieved with a free estimate – helping you take the first step towards defending against identity theft and other dangerous security risks today.

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