Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing Shredding


Industrial Shredding for Manufacturing & Distribution

Many of PROSHRED’s clients are industrial manufacturers and distributors in large and small sizes. It is important for manufacturers to keep all information secure, not only for keeping what is deemed as confidential information, but to make sure there is no breach of trust with its clients.

100% Total-Shred Policy

PROSHRED recommends manufacturers and distributors hold a 100% total-shred policy. This policy means that all documents and papers be shredded by its employees no matter the content of the documents themselves. Instead of throwing papers and documents in the trash or recycling bins, manufacturers and distributors can press their employees to use the PROSHRED security consoles.

Protecting You From Corporate Espionage

Corporate espionage is also a concern in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Manufacturing is based on patented operations, extractions and development of specialized products. It is crucial that sensitive information be kept in a secure fashion and shredded/destroyed after it is no longer needed

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