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January 19, 2016

Data Breaches: Protect Your Dallas Business

Regardless of whether you own and operate a large corporation or a smaller sized business, data breaches are a growing risk in Dallas. According to news reports, 750 U.S. data breaches were announced in 2015, which totaled to 178 million records exposed. Moreover, business, healthcare and governmental industries have been affected the most by data breaches. With too many companies suffering financial losses and bankruptcy, one of your biggest responsibilities as a business owner is protecting your staff members, and clients and associates’ private, sensitive information. What Can You do to Protect Your Dallas Business from a Possible Data Breach?

First, be sure that any unneeded data – both on physical paper and on other media material, such as hard drives – is properly destroyed. If you use a standard office shredder, you will be limited in the amount of paper you can shred at one time. Also, these little machines will not shred through heavy items, such as CD-ROMs. When you team up with PROSHRED® Dallas, which is an ISO 9001 Certified and NAID AAA Certified Company, you will gain peace of mind knowing all of your documents and records are completely destroyed. Our trained technicians use the best document shredding technology on the market today to destroy all of your confidential data, while following strict state and federal regulations.

When your computer is not in use, be sure to manage your in-house media effectively; this means removing all your media devices when not in use, such as USB keys. When you need to transport your data, its best that your data has been properly encrypted, and it’s also good to remember to avoid using any Wi-Fi network when you are transmitting any data, to protect your security. In addition, consider restricting computer access by only allowing those employees who absolutely require access, the ability to get at business data and files.

Finally, set up strong anti- virus and anti- spyware software for all your computers at your Dallas business. Data hackers use spyware to gain access your business data while you don’t even know it is happening! Installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software will lower the risk of a cyber-attack from occurring. Also, it’s highly recommended you set up complex passwords for all computers, and avoid common ones, such as names and addresses.

It’s good to keep in mind that data breaches are unpredictable and they can happen at any time. For more information on how PROSHRED® Dallas can help you keep your Dallas business protected with our shredding solutions, call us at 469-930-6044.

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