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March 10, 2016

The Disadvantages of Using an Office Shredder for Your Kansas City Business

Across Kansas City and the surrounding areas, paperwork is used in many different businesses on a daily basis. When old, unwanted documents begin to pile up and office space becomes limited, it’s time to clean house. With Missouri as the 4th highest state for identity theft complaints, destroying sensitive documents is imperative. Turning to an office shredder is a common solution to getting rid of your documents, however, there are more problems with an office shredder than you might realize.The first disadvantage of using an office shredder is that it will not completely shred your documents into irrecoverable pieces, but rather strips that can easily be put back together. If your paperwork can be put back together, identity thieves can take your sensitive information and use it for personal gains. PROSHRED® Kansas City uses the best shred technology on the market today. In addition, an office shredder can only take a few sheets of paper at a single time. Our shred equipment destroys your documents within the course of few minutes and shreds all documents into tiny pieces which can’t be put back together.

Next, an office shredder will only shred paper sheets. In this day and age, more and more businesses are storing information digitally on media pieces, such as hard drives and USB keys. Our hard drive destruction services can destroy your electronic media material easily with our shred equipment.

Finally, while buying an office shredder seems like it will save your business extra money, in the long run, it will cost you more than you realize. With continuous maintenance and repair fees, an office shredder can be quite costly. It also requires ongoing employee time, taking your staff away from duties they were hired to perform.  PROSHRED® offers fair and affordable prices with no hidden fees or charges.

For more information about how PROSHRED® can assist your Kansas City business, call us at (913) 327-8889.

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