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September 10, 2015

What Kind of Paper Should You be Shredding?

As the digital world continues to grow and evolve, paperwork is still essential to many everyday businesses. With proper documentation and paper flow, your place of employment will have more substance, the workflow will run more smoothly and it keeps an office running more efficiently. Printed, circulated or stockpiled, your company’s paperwork plays a vital role in the continuing success of your business. The volume of your paperwork can vary from hefty amounts to fewer amounts depending on the size and type of your business. When it’s time to get rid of some of your old documents, like in any successful business, you need to carefully decide what to keep and what to destroy.

This is where PROSHRED® can help your company. We can assist you and your organization in determining which sensitive documents should be shred and which shouldn’t; however, you might be asking yourself why shredding certain paperwork is so imperative. That is an important question to ask! There are a few good reasons why. First off, it will cut down on big clusters of unneeded paperwork, and it will help keep your documentation in an, organized manner. Failing to shred on a regular basis could leave your company at risk of data breach, which can leave your co-workers, business partners, associates and clients at considerable at risk.

Identity theft is also a strong possibility when you ignore secure shredding as part of your internal document management system. If certain sensitive documents are not properly destroyed, the private information on those papers could lead to an unauthorized individual stealing that data for personal and financial use. In fact, identity theft remains a top concern for consumers. In the U.S., the annual number of identity victims has reached over 12 million and continues to rise. A common way thieves can steal your information is through dumpster diving, an act in which someone digs through your trash in attempt to find personal data to use to their advantage.

For any business, the employer has a legal obligation to protect all private, confidential data that pertains to its employees and customers. This is critical to uphold and practice to ensure your business is in complete, legal obedience with privacy legislation. It’s also important to remember to stay up-to-date with any recent federal and state legislation changes. If you do not remain in compliance with these critical laws, your business will be put in danger of major fines and consequences.

To ensure you and your company are following all rules and regulations, PROSHRED®’s experienced, trained specialists will assist in keeping your company’s excellent reputation by correctly destroying your specific documents. Here is a list of documents your business should consider shredding:

Personal documents that contain private information such as:

·         social security numbers

·         driver license numbers

·         health card numbers

·         bank statements

·         credit statements

·         tax returns

·         pay stubs

·         receipts

·         passport numbers

·         telephone numbers

·         personal addresses

·         email addresses

·         passwords

·         PIN numbers

·         resumes

·         voided checks

·         old mail

·         junk mail

Business documents that contain significant information such as:

·         legal records

·         financial documents

·         brokerage reports

·         business projections

·         bank reports

·         payroll reports

·         credit card statements

·         tax records

·         canceled checks

·         classified information

·         audits documents

·         market research

·         computer reports

·         meeting minutes

·         signatures, profit / loss statements

·         travel reports

·         client lists

·         employee information

·         proposals

·         blueprints

·         organization charts

·         training information

·         photographs
PROSHRED offers many different document destruction plans and services, including scheduled shredding,one-time purge shredding service, drop-off shredding and scanning. Call us for more information at 1-866-379-5028.

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