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May 24, 2016

Is Your Minnesota Company Destroying and Disposing of Hard Drives Properly?

Throughout the state of Minnesota, many businesses are in need of proper paper shredding to eliminate sensitive information from the risks of identity theft. While having your documents professionally destroyed is important, many businesses do not realize that old hard drives should be destroyed as well. Too many people believe that just erasing and reformatting a hard drive will take care of removing all the private information. However, even when you do all of that, you are still vulnerable to data breaches, thus putting you and your business at risk.Be 100% Sure By Getting Your Hard Drive Destroyed
The only permanent way to ensure that your hard drive will not fall prey to a data breach or identity theft is through proper hard drive destruction. With PROSHRED®‘s hard drive destruction service, you can feel 100% confident that your hard drive will be destroyed safely and securely.5 Simple Steps to Getting Your Hard Drive DestroyedThere are 5 simple steps to getting your hard drive destroyed;
1.    Ensure all your important files and documents that you want to keep have been backed up somewhere, such as an external hard drive, placed on another computer or a USB key.
2.    Contact us here at PROSHRED® and let us know when you would like us to stop by and destroy the hard drive.
3.    PROSHRED® will then come to you at the scheduled time and either pick up the hard drive and take it back to our facility to destroy or if you would like we can use our mobile hard drive shredding trucks and shred the hard drive right in front of you.
4.    We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, which shows the date and time the hard drive was destroyed.
5.    We are committed to the environment by ensuring that your hard drive ruminants are disposed of properly at the metal and electronics recyclers. We only send your hard drive to certified recycling partners that comply with federal and state regulations so you can rest easy knowing your hard drive is disposed of safely.

It’s good to keep in mind that erasing your data is not enough, especially with the incline of data breaches and identity theft that have been occurring lately.

For more information on how PROSHRED® can help you keep your Minnesota business protected with our shredding solutions, call us at (952) 777-4876.

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