Shredding Trucks

On-Site Shredding Trucks


.PROSHRED®‘s mobile shredding trucks is the backbone of our document destruction business. These trucks are essential in differentiating our business from small in-house office shredders and large off-site shredding operations. Mobile shredding is the most secure and effective method for protecting our client’s confidential and private information.

Mobile shredding is a service which uses a large industrial paper shredder built directly into the back of a shredding truck,  which can drive to clients’ location in order to shred their sensitive documents right at their place of business. This is where the term “on-site” shredding comes from.

"I like to consider the truck that I operate for the day 'My Office'. At the beginning of the day, I like to make sure 'My Office' has the supplies needed for the day, make sure all systems are up and operating before leaving the lot, and throughout the day keep a note of what needs attention, so that it can be recorded and reported. At the end of the day, I like to make sure the 'office' is fully stocked and prepared for the next day. Especially in the event that someone else may have to operate 'the office'. You cannot go wrong in always being prepared. Things may come up, but with the team we have, we always have each others best interest in mind!

Marcus Black |  Charlotte, NC
2012 National Customer Service Professional (CSP) of the Year

Pierce-and-Tear Shredding Trucks

Pierce-and-tear shredders use multiple rotating blades that punch holes in the material being shredded, and then rip the material into tiny pieces. This system tears the paper at the fiber instead of cutting it, which results in a random and more secure shred size than standard strip-cut shredders.

● Premium Aerodynamic body with safety strobe lights

● Shreds 2,000lbs/hr - 9,000lbs/hr  with a 5,000lbs - 10,000lbs payload

Single-Shaft Rotary Grinders

Single-shaft rotary grinders (SSRG) comprise an amp-controlled hydraulic ram, which moves the plastic purging or part to be reduced against a single cutter shaft, rotating relatively slowly, at about 100 to 125 rpm. This low-speed, high-torque shaft has precision, four-point cutters embedded in it, which shear the material against a bed knife (counter-knife) and feed the resulting ‘scissor- cut’ granules through a screen of a size predetermined to provide granulate of the desired size.

Payload compartment - 16'L, 1,200 cu. ft (8,000 - 10,000lbs)

Shreds up to 30,000 lb/hr, depending on the size of grinder used.

Various Paper Shred Sizes

All PROSHRED® locations can create Level 1 shred sizes with many locations catering to Level 2 and 3. Level 1 is considered very secure to most clients with security and government agencies requiring high security level shreds. Level 1 shred sizes are almost 3 times smaller than regular in-house shredders, which is another reason why PROSHRED® devliers the most secure on-site destruction methods to our clients with our shredding trucks.

See the table below to help you understand the security levels better: