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Commercial Shredding Services

Whether your business is large or small, it's important to keep your sensitive documents secure. PROSHRED®'s Commercial Shredding Services allow you to securely dispose of confidential documents with the help of our certified shredding professionals. Contactless pick-ups are available, and we recycle all shredded paper waste. Contact us for a free quote or to find your nearest shredding service provider.

Commercial Shredding Services
Commercial Shredding Services

Commercial Shredding Services Less Than $2 Per Day

PROSHRED®'s Commercial Shredding Services enable you to safely destroy confidential documents through our certified shredding experts for under $2 a day. Get in touch with us to plan your customized and affordable Commercial Shredding Service today, or visit our website to discover a PROSHRED® Shredding Service location near you.

Commercial Shredding Services VS. Traditional Office Shredders

Traditional office shredders simply cannot handle the volume of shredding a typical company requires. They are also noisy, slow, unreliable, and can quickly overheat. PROSHRED® offers affordable Commercial Shredding Services that give you peace of mind when getting rid of important documents.

PROSHRED® is  NAID AAA  and ISO 9001 Certified by NSF-ISR, meaning our quality management and customer satisfaction is at a world-class level, designating a pristine amount of quality and security to the services we offer; something you wouldn't receive with a traditional office shredder. 

Our professional Commercial Shredding Services are affordable and are complete with cross-cutting technology ensuring your documents are fully destroyed. We also offer secure hard drive and digital media destruction and can be accommodated with your regular shredding services.

Make your switch today! 

Commercial Shredding Services
Commercial Shredding Services

Certificate of Destruction

At the end of each Commercial Shredding Service, our certified shredding professionals will provide you with a signed Certificate of Destruction. This proves the shredding of specific documents took place on a certain date and time with proper destruction. This official documentation gives your company peace of mind knowing that your documents were securely destroyed using our Professional Commercial Shredding Services.



Our Commercial Shredding Services Are Environmentally Friendly

Companies of all sizes all over the world care about their environmental impact. Companies that display and partake in green initiatives are proven to have a more positive impact on their customers and employees. PROSHRED® works closely with local recycling partners and offers a Green Loyalty Program to our clients. Go green today with PROSHRED®’s Commercial Shredding Services and find a location near you. 

Commercial Shredding Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mobile Commercial Shredding Services can sometimes be done for less than $2 a day with no hidden fees, no maintenance for you to upkeep, and includes increased security measures featuring cross-cut technology to ensure your documents are destroyed properly. 

Our process is very secure. We use locked bins and consoles with a secure chain for added security along with cross-shredding technology to properly destroy documents. PROSHRED® Security is also NAID Certified and holds the ISO 9001 Certified by NSF-ISR, adding another level of accountability and security. PROSHRED® understands and upholds any of the necessary regulatory federal/state laws. 

Once the paper shredding is done, you will receive an official Certificate of Destruction and most of the paper is recycled and made into other paper products. 

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