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November 20, 2015

Improve the Information Security for Your Baltimore Business

How safe is your Baltimore business from data hackers and identity thieves? In the past few years, data breaches and identity theft crimes have risen across Baltimore and across the United States. From 2005 to 2015, over 828 billion records have been exposed in data breaches. In 2014 alone, 17.6 million U.S. residents were a victim to identity theft.  As a business owner, you need to take the proper steps to protect the best interests of your company. The simple aspects of securing your confidential business information can be easily forgotten. Here are 6 ways to improve your information security:

1. Set a Clean Desk Policy

By implementing a clean desk policy at your business, your employees will limit the chances of misplacing confidential information. Each employee should have at minimum, one lockable desk drawer where they can store sensitive data.

2. Limited Access to Information

In order to help protect your company’s private information, limit who can access records and when these records can be accessed. Controlling this will assist in better management and security.

3. Install Spam, Anti-Malware and Ant-Virus Software

By installing recommended spam, anti-malware and anti-software software in all of your computer systems, you will lower the chance of data hackers being able to access yours and your employees’ information.

4. Strong Passwords

Ensure that all computer passwords are hard to crack. Use complex passwords with a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and computer symbols, and change the passwords regularly.

5. Monitor Social Media

If your business has social media webpages, make sure that the content you post does not have any important information that others could use for personal gain. Also, be aware of social media users who may ask for important information about your company.  If it sounds fishy, it likely is.

6. Partner with a Professional Document Destruction Provider.

By teaming up with a reliable, trusted document shredding company, such as PROSHRED® Baltimore, you can be sure that all your sensitive documents and records will be securely destroyed. The PROSHRED® team will ensure that all of your private data is completely shred, and done so in accordance with federal and state privacy legislation.

In addition, PROSHRED® Baltimore will provide your business with secure, lockable bins and consoles to store away your unneeded documents. For more information, call us at 1 (410) 242-9224

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