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October 14, 2015

Why a Recycling Bin isn’t Enough

While recycling bins are placed throughout every corporation in San Francisco, far too often than not these blue bins are used to collect more than cans, bottles, and plastic. We all know that paper is an acceptable recyclable material, of course, but do you realize the impact this act may have on your security?  What’s the issue with recycling business documents?

Offices generate a substantial volume of documents on a day to day basis; much of it containing private matters regarding employees, customers, marketing plans, and competition. Disposing of such files in a trash or recycling bin is simply far too risky for everyone involved.  Should the wrong person get a hold of your confidential documents, it could be significantly damaging to your business’ reputation and financial state. Furthermore, in the event that your San Francisco company is audited unexpectedly, you may be faced with a data breach.

Consider this: Would you want strangers knowing your specific income or future marketing plans? Of course not; but if you’re tossing sensitive material into open recycling bins, that’s exactly the type of information you’re providing to the general public. Identity thieves thrive off such information and if determined, will rummage through your trash or recycling bin.

Recycling bins are only reasonable for documents containing non-valuable details. Determining what constitutes as confidential and non-confidential information can be challenging, however; therefore, many organizations are eliminating recycling bins for office paper collection, and replacing them with secure, lockable collection bins – specifically for paper collection.

Business documents no longer needed, but do contain private manners, should be stored away in these consoles and bins until collected for secure destruction. These containers and consoles usually be typically offered by your professional document destruction company and are serviced on-site at your work premises, upon the scheduled shred date. In fact, at PROSHRED®, we will work with you to customize a unique paper shredding schedule that is appropriate for your unique requirements. Based on the amount of sensitive information you need to be destroyed, we’ll provide you with document collection bins, along with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pick-up services.

Ensure that your San Francisco company is doing everything possible to maintain confidentiality over internal information. Keep in mind that you have a moral and legal responsibility as an employer, to protect details pertaining to your customers and employees. We highly recommend implementing the below, if you haven’t already:

  • Establish a safe and trusting work environment that is based on security with top-down dedication from management.
  • Consider a ‘shred-all’ policy for the most effective means of document disposal. Implementing this simple task will remind employees to dispose of documents properly. All documents are collected and stored in locked shred bins, saving your employees from having to decide what’s considered confidential and what’s not.
  • Carry out regular security audits to assess which areas in your daily business routines need improvements to achieve a higher level of security.
  • Partner with PROSHRED®, a leading document shredding provider serving the San Francisco Bay area, to look after your document destruction needs.
  • At PROSHRED®, we’ll provide you with lockable collection bins to store your sensitive documents, meaning your information remains secure until your scheduled pick-up date. We have a variety of collection containers in several sizes and designs; whatever your particular needs are we will meet them.

Get in touch with us today; we are happy to help with your shredding challenges and needs when it comes to document management and disposal. We offer free consultations as well as no obligation quotes. Call our team at 1-925-271-7566.

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