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February 12, 2020

Why Outsourced Shredding is Better Than an In-House Shredder

Secure Document Shredding San FranciscoWhen it comes to saving money for your business, there are a lot of steps you can take to cut costs and reduce your budget. You might think purchasing an in-house shredder will pay off over the long run. But shredding documents with sensitive or protected information is one task you should probably consider outsourcing, though. Not only will a secure shredding company protect your information and your reputation, but it can also save you more money than you’d think.

Save time

Outsourcing your shredding needs can help save a lot of time. With standard in-office shredders, it can take one employee up to 5 hours to shred 50 pounds of paper. That’s five hours spent on housekeeping, instead of work tasks that benefit your bottom line. Not to mention all the time spent collecting and transporting materials to the shredder, separating out paperclips and staples, or gathering and properly disposing of the shredded pieces remaining. With a professional San Francisco shredding service provider like PROSHRED®, simply set up your secure shred bins for use in high traffic areas and schedule a pickup or mobile shredding on-site, when you need it. Designed to handle large loads, our industrial steel shredders can shred hundreds of pounds of paper in minutes. 

Save Money

When you handle confidential paper shredding in-house, you don’t just pay for the man-hours it takes to do the job. Paper shredders designed to handle the demands of a modern office are expensive. Plus, after so many pounds of paper, even the most advanced commercial-grade shredders will require costly maintenance, repair, and replacement. PROSHRED® San Francisco has affordable mobile shredding services designed to fit your needs and your budget. Cheaper than paying employees to do it, and ultimately less expensive than buying heavy-duty shredders for your office, an on-going shred service makes good financial sense. 

Stay Secure

With heavy-duty industrial cross-cut shredding blades,  PROSHRED® San Francisco guarantees your sensitive documents are gone for good. Unlike in-office shredders, which often only shred in strips, we ensure your papers are turned into tiny bits of confetti. And rather than trusting employees to complete the shredding process, you can watch while your items are loaded and shredded in minutes, right in front of you. You’ll even get a certificate of destruction, issued from a certified secure shredding company, to keep on file in case of a future audit or inspection.  

In-office shredders are expensive and noisy, and they aren’t designed to handle large amounts of paper efficiently. Take advantage of our on-site shredding service and schedule a mobile shred truck! With regularly scheduled shredding service, you can stay on top of the clutter and have time to focus on more important matters. Call (925) 271-7566 and outsource your office shredding today!

Frequently Asked Questions about PROSHRED® San Francisco

At PROSHRED® San Francisco, our industrial cross-cut shredding blades can handle it all. There’s no need to remove paperclips, staples, or binding from documents. 

Our easy-to-use secure shred containers are provided free of charge with on-going shredding service.

Shred them! At PROSHRED® San Francisco, we’re able to confidently handle all your secure data destruction needs, including on-site hard drive destruction.

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