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San Francisco Product Destruction Services

Your branded materials, company ID badges, employee information, recall products, uniforms and other confidential materials are all important to keep safe and out of the hands of people that may seize on an opportunity that could harm your company. Often the only way to avoid risk is to use a product destruction service such as we provide at PROSHRED®.

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Why Product Destruction is Necessary

Limiting people’s access to recall products, company ID badges, and other materials is a first step. However, destruction or have these products types permanently destroyed is often the only foolproof solution. By shredding business products you no longer use it will limit various associated risk including diminishing the brand or even providing thieves an opportunity to breach security by simple wearing a discarded uniform or putting on an ID Badge.

Should My Company Hire A Product Destruction Service?

Most businesses have confidential information they collect, especially when it comes to employees. If your company uses corporate logo apparel, creates patented products, or has outdated products it’s time to start destroying that old information.
Financial, legal and medical, education and government agencies industries need an ongoing service to keep confidential materials destroyed securely. GSA, GLA, FACTA, and HIPAA helps to regulate the type of materials that are necessary to be securely destroyed. They also provide lots of great tips and advice to help your business stay in compliance.

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Example of Products To Destroy?

Below is a no-brainer list of items that should be securely destroyed: However this is just a few examples of items that should be destroyed.

  • Uniforms
  • Security Badges
  • CD’s
  • Hard Drives
  • Film
  • Recalled & Defective Products
  • Apparel and Footwear
  • Used Protective Gear
  • Packaging
  • Sporting Goods
  • Gambling Chips
  • Some Products With Logos

How Does The Product Destruction Process Work?

Our Qualified ISO 9001 and NAID AAA Certified Technicians manage every step of the product destruction process. Businesses can monitor the specialty shredding processing by video and see that all materials were securely shredded. Finally, we provide a certificate of destruction!

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Why Choose PROSHRED® San Francisco

If you're operating a business in San Francisco Bay area; secure product destruction may need to be a part of your risk management strategy. As a locally operated company with national connections, PROSHRED® San Francisco provides professional & secure specialty shredding to help securely rid your business of products and materials that could be of risk to your brand. Let us help you today! Call for a quick quote!

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