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California Senate Bill 1386

What is the California Senate Bill 1386

The California Senate Bill 1386 was designed for every agency, person or business in California that owns or licenses computerized personal information, to properly reveal whether there’s been a breach of their security. This bill was created to protect printed social security numbers, employee IDs, bank statements and any other documents that may reveal identification details.

Who is subject to California Senate Bill 1386 Compliance?

Any organization that conducts business in California and owns or licenses computerized personal data to inform California residents of any actual or supposed security breach that compromises the “security, confidentiality or integrity” of that data.

What are my Rights Under California Senate Bill 1386?

The law provides Californians the right to file a civil suit if their personal information is taken. So, in addition to the cost of notification, your company could face significant exposure from litigation, and could even be shut down by an injunction if the statute is violated.

Who does California Senate Bill 1386 Protect?

This bill protects the importance of information security, and attempts to enforce accountability for security breaches that result in the exposure of private information. The net result should be to force organizations to follow best practices.

Why is California Senate Bill 1386 Important?

The Act provides effective and significant measures in dealing with identity theft. The California Database Security Breach Act applies to all state agencies, individuals and organizations throughout the state of California.

Where can I find more information about California Senate Bill 1386?

To learn more, visit this link: https://corporate.findlaw.com/law-library/california-raises-the-bar-on-data-security-and-privacy.html


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